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You can help your child learn how to skate


If you remember how you felt the first time you put on a pair of roller skates or do anything new for the first time, you know it can be somewhat intimidating to shuffle onto the rink for the first time ever. And it is natural too, especially because beginners may worry about keeping balance which can make them hold their body too stiff, which in turn will increase the likelihood of falling.

Fortunately, you can help your children learn how to roller skate rather than simply stand on the sides looking hopeful.

Encouragement always works

The first and the foremost thing you can do for your kid when they first put on the skates and move on to the rink is to give them a lot of encouragement. Don’t point out their mistakes but let them know they can do it and that falling or taking time is natural.

Encouraging your child to do new things will help them be more excited and enthusiastic to do it. Let them know they are capable of doing it and show them how much fun skating is, once you get the hang of it.

Participate and engage

If you’re comfortable, put on your own skates and be with them on the floor. You too can learn with your child! Seeing a parent in skates will help your child realize (without being told) that skating is safe and fun. However, if you can’t, just go on the rink with them. You can also help them regain balance and get up, in case they fall.

Protective gear is a must

Wearing protective gear is a must for beginners. Please make sure your child wears the necessary protective gear – the knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet, especially while they are still learning how to skate. A few falls are natural when children are learning to skate and protective gear will ensure that there are no serious injuries. It may also boost your child’s confidence and assure them of their safety.

Seek professional help

Skating rinks usually have a professional coach, or even a team, who can not only help kids feel comfortable but also stay safe while learning to skate. Learning to skate may be tricky initially, but children soon realize how much fun it is! If your child needs some guidance, the coach or the team at the rink can help them learn the basics and encourage them to keep going till they can skate confidently without help.

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