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How Trucking Companies Derive Advantage From Diverse Workforce

In every aspect of our lives, diversity has become a hot-button topic. There are many factors used for dividing humans into subsets, including races, sexual orientations, religions, and medical issues such as physical and mental disabilities. Organizations that inadvertently or deliberately exclude or discriminate against groups based on arbitrary and unchangeable factors face severe public blowback, and rightfully so. However, there are benefits beyond a good public image for organizations that embrace diversity. We are a local trucking company that prides itself on honoring and celebrating the diversity of our workforce and customers. We consider it a keystone of our commitment to providing top-tier shipping services to our customers.

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The Case for Diversity

Diversity in the workplace has quantifiable benefits. A Boston Consulting Group study reveals a link between diverse management teams and increases in innovation. Companies with diverse management teams also report higher Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) margins than companies with low-diversity management teams by up to nine points. Having an inclusive management team gives companies a better position to appeal to otherwise-underrepresented clientele; one example would be management staff with medical disabilities, who can provide valuable insight on how the company’s products and services can better serve those with similar medical complications. And individuals and companies that engage in exclusionary practices often receive social blowback and negative press which can tarnish or even destroy a public reputation.

Fostering and Maintaining a Diverse Workplace

Listening to the concerns and feedback of employees is a vital component of maintaining a healthy, diverse workplace. Management and HR departments should provide multiple ways for employees to provide their feedback, ranging from anonymous suggestion boxes to open public forums – including social media. Companies need to perform tangible actions that demonstrate their commitment to diversity, including resolving race-related problems swiftly and fairly as well as contributing resources and labor to outreach groups. Celebrating cultural awareness events – such as Black History Month and Pride Month – can help new employees, potential candidates, and customers feel included in the company’s operations and missions. Companies should also make efforts to ensure that their workforce reflects their target customers and areas of operations.

We are a premier trucking company local to Illinois and are ready and capable to ship a variety of goods and cargo across the contingent United States. The shipping services that we offer include express shipping, expedited shipping, same-day/next-day shipping to lower Ontario, and warehousing. With over 20 years of shipping and logistics experience, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and rapid service that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

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