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How To Hire And Find A Web Developer For A Startup

Web developers work to design, create, and maintain websites and web applications. They can work on internet sites, as well as on intranet sites. They are professionals in software development, Information Technology, and computer consulting. Their role is important for a business to make their firm globalized and popular. Here we are going to talk about the easiest steps to hire a web developer.


Steps to Hire a Web Developer

Here are the six simple steps for finding and hiring a web developer:

 STEP 1: Specify Your Business Challenges

Web development projects vary according to the project size and goals. At the very beginning of your search, you have to analyze, what kind of web development project you need a developer for:

  • A simple web project that needs the basic structure of a website along with a few additional features.
  • Medium-sized web project that includes the development of dynamic web apps, online stores, and other services.
  • Large-sized web projects including the integration with cloud hosting servers in addition to sophisticated technologies. For example video sharing, social media app, or social networks.

The main goal for start-ups is to enter their niche as soon as possible. So, they need to hire an outsourcing web development team to save time and money.

STEP 2: Decide On The Developer’s Skill

While hiring people, always concentrate on the employee skills and give them work accordingly. There are three types of web developers.

Front-end developers make changes to your websites so visitors would interact with you. Web developers turn the website design into fully functional websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Node, etc.

Back-end developers are responsible for website structure hidden behind the front-end, that is how your website works. In most cases, back-end developers use languages like PHP and Python.

Full-stack developers are experienced in the front and back end of the websites. And such website developers are becoming popular among startups.

STEP 3: Finding A Necessary Specialist

When you are willing to hire a web developer, consider hiring a technological partner who will become a part of your business for several years. The partner should be able to provide your project with ongoing technical support and implement further website improvements. Also, you must hire a remote worker. On a website, people may need to work for a few weeks or months, so you need to choose a freelance worker.  Some best sites to hire freelancers are Skillsoniq, clutch, freelancers, etc. Skillsoniq is the best job site for hiring a freelancer web developer.

STEP 4: Check Out The Web Development Team Expertise

Before hiring web developers, you must check their background where you can analyze their work experience and find out whether they can fulfill your requirements. In order to have perfect work, you must check their soft skills such as communication, approachability, teamwork, and proactivity. The best way to test a worker’s soft skill is to undergo a video interview where their technical and communication knowledge can be tested. It is a crucial step to make your website an optimized one.

Step 5: Select A Working Model

Depending on the scope of your web development project, the working model will differ.

  • Project-based model: This model is useful for start-ups as they can submit projects within a framed time. These workers can be hired by start-ups as they are ready to give technical solutions. In this business model, all responsibilities are with the web development team. This is an advantageous model for startups. 
  • A Dedicated Team: This dedicated project team gives chance for homely talented people who are willing to support and work from home for startups. With this dedicated team you can split the workload.

Step 6: Choose A Payment Model

Irrespective of the team you have opted for, fair salary has to be paid for their work. Fixed price paying model is one of the ways where you can pay them on a regular basis. Time and task is another way of paying your web developer in which you can pay them according to the job tenure and satisfaction you have acquired from them.


So these are the 6 easier steps to hire a web developer. Skillsoniq is one of the best job sites to find and hire web developers. Make your website interactive, professional, and fast with website developers and freelancers from skillsoniq.

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