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Basic Shoes a Woman Must have in her Closet

As the saying goes diamonds are the ladies best friend but in recent times shoes have held the same importance. Shoes are no longer important to take an effortless stroll, but these are more than a style statement, a fashion accessory in contemporary times. The concept of designer shoes was initiated to keep pace with this upcoming trend and craze women all over the world. Read on to find out the latest collection of such shoes that makes go ladies swoon all over.


  1. Espadrilles wedges


Comfortable and foot friendly, these footwear are a must have for all style-savvy ladies. If heels are a nightmare for you then these are literally your savior. Go for wedges on casuals, ethnic wears and any outfit, wedges will save you from wearing heels for long hours hurting your spine. Furthermore styling your Espadrilles is easy, strings in crisscross pattern goes good with shorts.


  1. High Heeled boots


Truly for heels lovers, high boots are perfect for an official party, or when you want to hit a classy event in all its grandeur, boots are your best buddy. Adding those extra inches to your height and making your legs look perfectly slender these boots are a must-have thing in your closet. Pair them with jeans, shorts, dresses, all the good to go with high-heeded boots.


  1. Sports shoes


Now for the sport enthusiasts, girls sports shoes in India are demanded that are both high in style and comfort. Sports shoes are indispensable part of your wardrobe as these can not be replaced by ‘any’ type of footwear. Weather you are up for sessions in gym or running you require special kind of shoes that gives structural support on key areas while providing cushioning to the foot-bed. Perforated shoes, suede based and flexible ones are comfortable and durable to keep you upfront in your activities.


  1. Metallic/block heels


Made for trendy women who can not compromise on comfort for being fashion savvy, block heels are perfectly good for an evening dress. With no unrealistic fussy long straps, Metallic heels are robust in its appeal and never fail to mark an impression and make you a head turner. On the top of it, heels are available in multiple colors to add to your perky look.


  1. Sneakers


Comfort lovers would love sneakers for a casual and lazy day out, sneakers perfectly suit the occasion. Women sports shoes India, design sneakers that are suitable for your sports sessions as well and completely takes care of your sensitive feet, while being in vogue.


  1. Ballet flats


These are classic and never goes out of fashion. Ballet flats are made to create a sweet, look that defines femininity at its best. Available in many options, you can choose from sequined, studded flats to team them up with formal skirt, evening dress and a casual dinner date. Comfortable for wearing long hours, ballet flats are available in not so exorbitant prices like heeled boots or stilettos.


To be in vogue you need not to have a collection like Imelda Marcos, but to be smart in your selection and having some basic footwear would definitely solve you shoe worries of wearing what and when!!

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