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Why you need Med Pay & PIP

The importance of having Med Pay and PIP insurance

The last thing that most of us want to spend our money on, is for med pay and PIP insurance. We want to use our money in other, more important ways. And, because many people are thinking this way, they don’t get med pay and PIP insurance.

If you are considering canceling your Med Pay insurance, you might want to reconsider. These are all the reasons why insurance is so important and why you should rather pay and have the reassurance that you and your passengers medical bills will be taken care off, after a car accident.

Some states require PIP

Before you decide that you are going to cancel your car insurance, there is one thing that you should make sure about.  It may not be legal to drive without PIP insurance. On the other hand, if you tried to cancel your pip insurance, you would not be able to do so unless you cancelled your car insurance.

States that require pip

  • Colorado-5,000 per person, can refuse coverage
  • Delaware-15,000 per person, 30,000 per accident
  • Florida-10,000
  • Hawaii-10,000
  • Kansas-4,500 medical, 4,500 rehabilitation, 2,000 funeral
  • Kentucky-10,000
  • Maryland-2,500, must be provided for passengers
  • Massachusetts-8,000
  • Michigan-unlimited
  • Minnesota-40,000
  • New Jersey-15,000
  • New York-50,000
  • North Dakota-30,000
  • Oregon-15,000
  • Pennsylvania-5,000, medical benefit coverage
  • Texas-2,500
  • Utah-3,000
  • Washington State-10,000, can refuse

Yes, there are some of the states where you don’t need to have PIP auto insurance policies.

Auto Insurance

A vehicle is really expensive, and having auto insurance is a must, along with gap coverage. If the vehicle was in a car accident and you can’t drive it anymore, you are still required to pay the loan. And, if you don’t have insurance, you will not have the money to repay the loan so that you can purchase a new car.

PIP is important to everyone in a pip state. If you are in a car accident and you are injured, you need to pay the medical bills for your injuries. Even, if you don’t have any health insurance. If you have PIP, you can use that insurance to cover the bills that you have for the injuries that you sustained.

Pip does drive up the cost of your auto insurance in most states that make you carry it. This is the downside to living in a pip state. Florida has some of the highest premiums in the nation.

Should you still get Med Pay even if you have health insurance

Health insurance is most states will not cover things such as

  • Personal injuries
  • Hurt on the job
  • Car accidents

In some cases, health insurance will cover things like at home accidents. However, if the injury took place at someones lelese home it may not cover it.

Health insurance may cover your health care cost with an auto accident injury. They, just like other medical providers, will want to be reimbursed by any proceeds from a settlement. If you have Med Pay, this cost is already taken care of. Finding a doctor to take your health insurance will be next to impossible. A doctor who takes med pay is not hard to find at all.

When you are in a car accident without Med Pay or pip

Med pay and pip are essential to cover medical expenses. Without it, you will have to pay for it yourself or treat on a lien. When you treat on a lien, the doctor has to wait to get paid. On the other hand, they get paid with 30-60 days with med pay or pip. So, you give yourself an advantage to the type of doctors you can see when you have med pay or pip vrs an attorney’s lien. The reason is, not a lot of doctors work on attorneys liens. However, you can get specialist with med pay or pip.

The importance of using a recommended insurance company

Now that you know the importance of getting car insurance, you might be wondering how you choose your insurance company.

It is essential to make sure that you are choosing a company that you can trust, and that has a great reputation. Trying to claim from a company that isn’t trustworthy can become a real nightmare. And, you are paying for a service that is tough to use when you need it. A good insurance company will take care of you after a car wreck no matter if it was your fault or not. Of course, it depends on what type of coverage you have.

Things to consider when you are getting insurance for the first time

There are a couple of tips that you should consider when you are getting insurance for the first time. The first thing that you should know, is that you should do research.

Research to find out if the company is legit, trustworthy and delivering on their promises. You need to know that the insurance company isn’t your friend, and you should make sure that they are able to pay for the damages after a car accident.

You can also ask family and friends about the insurance company that they are using for car insurance. Then, you will know if they are satisfied with their service or not.

If you think that you don’t need to get car insurance and PIP or med pay, then you should think again. Not only is it illegal to drive without  insurance, but you can be in liabilable for property damage and injuries if you are at fault for a car wreck. It is important to make sure that you know what the consequences are going to be when you are driving without car insurance. Especially, if this is illegal in your state. You don’t want to struggle to get your vehicle repair after a car accident. And, you can’t say that you will not be in a car accident, because you are a good driver. It is always better to be prepared for an accident, then trying to get financial assistance, when you are in an accident without any insurance.

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