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Business Analysis Competency Manager

Business Analysis Competency Manager: This is another business analyst career option for those who want to play a role in starting this rising profession within the organizations. This career option mainly emphasizes the improvement of Business Analysis competencies to help the business analysis proficiency development within the organization. This career option is primarily suitable for those people who want to hold the theoretical and development aspects of Business Analysis instead of practical experience.

Average starting salary: ,000
Average mid-level salary: ,000
Average late career salary: ,000
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Business Architect: The other career option for a Business Analyst is Business Architect. This career path is suitable for the senior business analysts with a good understanding of the enterprise and the ability for observing the organization from a general perspective. In this role, the business analyst is intimately involved in the combination of informational requirements.

Subject Matter Expert: This is another career option for the business analyst. It is a delightful opportunity for a business analyst to become a subject matter expert. This career path is the role of being proficient in a particular domain, industry or subject matter area. It can be an exciting and stimulating career path for those people who are interested in a specific field and want to make their career in that area.

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