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Grout Sealing- Clear or Color Seal Your Grouted Surfaces

Sealing your grout n time is significant because it is going to save you plenty of dollars that you will have to spend in the future for repairs and replacements. In tile installation, grout sealing is one of the most necessary processes.

Stealing a grout is essential as it is going to save your grout from getting bacteria, staining, water damage, etc. The grout also performs as a safeguard to your tiles, getting a grout sealing can save your tiles as well.

Many types of grout sealing are available in the market but two types are primary that is prioritized by most people:

  • Clear sealing

This type of grout sealant has no color to it. It is applied directly to the grout. It helps to save the grout from everyday threats like water, dust, dirt, moisture, and bacteria. Applying a color sealer on top of it will provide you a whole new experience with the grout. It is a nice way to protect the tiles from our day-to-day happenings. Considering Grout color sealing services St. Pete is going to be a great decision.

  • Color sealing

It helps to keep your grout clean as well as fresh. It is a must to get your grout cleaned by professional cleaning services every year. A color sealing offers an extra layer to your grout. It is similar to the clear sealing but as per the name, it has a color to it. Grout color sealing services Tampa is a great option while considering options for the same.


Is grout color changed by a sealer?

No, it is not changed by a clear sealing. The color of the grout can change when you get a color sealing done. It helps to enhance the look of grout. If you want to get a color sealing, you can only get a darker color on the same. Clear sealing does not offer color. You can contact a commercial cleaning company if you want to get the sealing colored.

How long does color sealing last?

Both the seals have chances to last up to 10 years.  You cannot even the amount that you might save in long run by getting a grout sealed on time. You can get grout sealing done again but if you take care of it properly you can expect it to last longer. It means that you will be able to save a large amount of money in the long run.

How to protect grout?

There's only one way to protect the grout that is cleaning your tiles regularly. Make sure that the cleaners that you are using are appropriate. You should always hire a professional to seal the grout as they have experience in it.

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