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Improve Your Athletic Performance with a Sports Nutritionist

For an athlete, the biggest tool they have is themselves, so it is vital to treat their body as their temple. For every athlete, regardless of the sports they play, it is essential to have a proper diet. We generally feel that we know what is good or not good to eat when it comes to performance, but most are mistaken. There is so much more than eating well or by trusting your friend, coach or what you read on the internet. It is impossible to truly wrap your head around everything you need to know about your personal best performance diet. Hence, athletes do require the support of a Sports Nutritionist to keep up with their nutrition.

In case if you have been longing for the best Sports Nutritionist in Miami, then you can always rely on Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD,CSSD,CCMS,LMHC,FAND who is an award-winning and leading nutritionist in Miami. Over the years she has helped thousands of men, women, teens and kids to reach their nutrition goals. She has an excellent track record of working with Olympian athletes to help them with the ‘marathon’ that nutrition really is. She knows first hand as the US Sailing Team Nutritionist for the Beijing Olympics, where two individuals secured a gold and silver medal!

Lisa Dorfman addresses athlete’s nutritional needs with her ‘Customized’ & ‘Personalized’ approach. She understands that each individual is different,  and requires various strategies to properly address client needs at different times during the training cycle called nutrition periodization. She personally assesses her clients by hosting online and in-person meetings, which helps her create individualized diet plans.  

Athletes across the globe have and can use Lisa Dorfman’s service online or in-person.

Lisa is an Athlete:

Lisa is an athlete and former pro triathlete, who has finished approximately 35 marathons to this day. Among those races one of the most demanding was Ironman USA at Lake placid. When Lisa isn’t competing, she enjoys staying balanced with Bikram yoga.   

Taste is #1

Lisa is a nutritionist who never asks athletes to compromise on taste to maintain their physique. She offers a delicious variety of the right balance of foods, without comprising on the quality or health benefits. She educates her clients by making them aware of the food they eat; the benefits and disadvantages of consuming certain foods which may be sabotaging their performance and health.  Lisa does a wonderful job at creating healthy dishes that satisfy her client’s food cravings to fulfil not frustrate them!

Contact: If you want to get in touch with Lisa Dorfman, then you can email her at

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