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Nashville real estate market trends

Nashville real estate market trends

The capital city of Tennessee, also known as the “Music City'' is one of the US’s greatest cities. Nashville TN, grew in popularity thanks to its vibrant music scene that stands up to the city's name. Things that go well with good country music are drinks, food, and warmhearted people to enjoy all of them together. That is how the famous Tennessee whiskey and Nashville’s hot chicken was born.


On the other hand, Nashville’s city is a beautiful place with rich history, culture, and plenty of great attractions to keep you occupied. It’s not every day that you find a city fit for world-renowned celebrities like Nashville TN. The area is a magnet, not just for stars but for anyone looking for a change of pace in a warm and welcoming environment. Nashville is not all about the cultural offerings. If you are interested in living in a city with ample job opportunities and top-rated schools, then the Music City is the place for you.


The incredible population growth Nashville has experienced over the past few years shows just how good it is to live here. People of all ages can find a neighborhood that suits their lifestyle, and many real estate investors seize the opportunity to expand their portfolio in Nashville’s real estate market. Whether you want to find an investment opportunity or are looking to move in the area, here are some of Nashville TN’s real estate market trends in 2021.

The Housing market of Nashville Tennessee

Nashville’s housing was and still remains one of the hottest markets in the US. Before we jump into the Nashville real estate market forecast for 2021, it is crucial to understand the factors that affect it most. In terms of Nashville’s real estate market, things such as population growth, diverse economy, and tourism are only a few aspects that shape the area’s housing market. 


By analyzing trends, we can see where Nashville’s real estate market is heading and make informed decisions. Knowing the real estate trends in the area is not only useful if you plan on investing, but it also indicates the direction in which the city is headed. Housing market trends dictate the city’s evolution, such as future development, amenities, job availability, education, and many others. So, if you plan to relocate to Nashville, be aware of these factors that influence real estate trends in the near future.


Experienced real estate investors know that demographics are one of the most important measurements that dictate commercial or residential real estate performance. With a population close to 700,000 residents, the demographics of the area indicate an upward trend. About 100 new people relocate to Nashville every day, making Nashville’s population growth one of the highest in the country. From the perspective of a real estate investor, more people coming into the city means that Nashville’s rental market will increase in 2021, and the demand for homes will increase as well.

Diverse economy

The city of Nashville TN benefits from a diversified economy, which is an essential factor for real estate growth. Often people refer to Nashville as the Southern boomtown as it is the city with the third fastest growing economy in the US. The trend shows no signs of slowing down; therefore, it is expected to carry on in 2021. The leading employers in Nashville, are in the medical service industry, and the city is home to more than 300 companies in the field. 


The music industry takes the second spot in the economic sector, which leads to the well-deserved name of “Music City.” In fact, Nashville is the second-largest music production center in the US after New York City, which is the first one. Some other noticeable industries are banking, transportation, and publishing. One thing that catches real estate investors’ attention is that most industries scaling in the area offer high-paying jobs, which provides a positive outlook for Nashville’s housing market.


Another factor that affects the performance of the US housing market is the tourism industry. In that regard, Nashville outperformed many other US cities by having a high flux of tourists. About 15 million people visit Nashville each year, and the music industry is one of the main reasons why so many people visit the area. Tennessee’s capital is one of the few cities with a booming music scene; therefore, many consider it one of the top tourist destinations nationwide. This is good news for the “Music City” housing market as it increases the demand for Airbnb, ensuring a high occupancy rate.

The current state of the housing market in Nashville

We can clearly see why the real estate market of Nashville experiences such great success. Real estate investors who think about investing in Nashville TN’s housing market, can get huge returns on their investments due to the real estate market’s current situation. At the end of 2020, housing data in Nashville, Tennessee, presents us with some impressive numbers.


According to Redfin, Nashville homes sell in around 40 days and receive about two offers on average. The average sale price for homes is approximately 0,000, and it has increased by about 16% compared to last year. The average sale price per square foot is close to 0, and it has gone up by 11% compared to the previous year. Realtors in Nashville TN say that the sale activity has increased by 14% compared to last year, and whether you are an investor or a home buyer looking to relocate here, this might be the opportunity for you.


Nashville is considered by many one of the best places to live in the US. Some of the most prominent Nashville housing market trends of 2021, underlined above, indicate a strong and continually growing real estate market in the area. Both Airbnb and traditional renting in the region represent major investment opportunities that offer a high return in both the short and long term. If you are equipped with the knowledge and the real estate investment tools, Nashville’s housing market could be a game-changer for you. Even as a beginner investor you can find a profitable rental property in the housing market of Nashville and enjoy its high returns in the near future.


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