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Expand Storage with Different Types of Heavy Shelving

Expand Storage with Different Types of Heavy Shelving

Warehouses and storage spaces are environments that have very distinct requirements when it comes to shelving. For instance, storage and shelving Texas that might fit your home or office might not be nearly as sturdy or large enough to handle exceptionally heavy merchandise, tools, or machinery. These storage environments call for unique types of shelves Dallas that are built and designed to keep up with the high-density and heavy-duty needs of warehouses and similar storage units. Below are some of the most ideal types of shelving Texasthat are made for heavy duty storage:

  • Rivet shelving – Rivet shelving units come in two types or styles, namely single and double rivet shelves. The kind that will work best for your needs is dependent upon the amount of weight that you need to store on each shelf, with double rivet shelves capable of holding more weight of up to 1,300 – 1,500 lbs., although this may also depend on the size of the shelving unit. Single rivet shelves are ideal for lighter duty storage up to 250 and 350 lbs. per shelf. The latter still has a place in heavy duty storage spaces, if you need small parts or loads in your inventory to be organized. Compared to double rivet shelves, single rivet shelves Dallas are much slimmer in size, although it is more possible to fit more shelves in them than their larger counterparts.
  • Pallet racks – For heavier duty storage shelving Texas, you could choose larger pallet racks, which are designed for providing sturdier support for heavy pallets of inventory and merchandise for quick loading and unloading via forklift. Pallet racks make the best use of vertical spaces, which gives you more room to move around your warehouse floor. Pallet racks are ideal for creating freer and more efficient workflow so that inventory and merchandise can be quickly and more easily accessed.
  • Cantilever racks – For items that are irregularly sized or too large for fitting on other types of shelves Dallas, you can use cantilever racks, which are ideal for keeping long pieces of lumber, tubing, pipes, and poles, as well as for other types of construction materials like house siding and other things of similar size and nature.

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