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Dlink login Wife router device is best for ensuring that all devices connected to your device can have wireless WiFi access. You can easily manage settings and configurations for your device because these settings will be possible using the Dlink login screen. You will be able to configure two different passwords for your devices when you take the configuration for your dlink WiFi router. You can either manage the password to access the Wi-Fi available for your devices and you can have a strong password to log in to your device. These two passwords can be changed at any time, so that you can secure your devices. In this article we are going to explain the steps so that you can easily change the password using WiFi for your dlink WiFi router devices.

Wired router login:

The most common method used for login to D-Link Router is with direct connections, because the average user only access router configuration pages during the initial setup process and never think about it anymore.

To open a dlink router login box by wired connection it is necessary that you can create a physical connection between your wireless router and a working PC or laptop using an Ethernet cable.

  •          Gather the following items; D-Link DIR300 wireless router, router power supply, and an Ethernet cable.
  •          Attach the "port 1" on the back of your D-Link router using one end of the network cable.

It should be seated securely in the RJ45 port of the router.

  •          Take the other end of the network cable and plug it into the RJ45 / network port on your computer that will be used to configure your D-Link wireless router.
  •          Plug the D-Link DIR300 router power cord behind the D-Link router.
  •          Plug the AC adapter into a work AC outlet with the power cord connected to the router.
  •          Continue to power the router for about 3 minutes until the router is in a ready state, and continue through the next part to log in using your dlink router login.

Steps to install D-Link Wireless Extender DAP-1520 WiFi extender device

Dlink WiFi Extender needs to have the best connection to the devices when you will see that your network is connected to all mobile and laptop devices. When you use the Dlink login page for your device you will need to make sure that your extender device is connected to the computer device. This computer will make devices that you can access on the setup page for your device.

In this article we are going to talk about the D-Link Wireless Extender DAP-1520 WiFi Extender device. We are going to explain the steps so that you can configure the D-Link Wireless Extender DAP-1520 WiFi Extender device for your location. Once the settings are managed for your device, you can put your device on the place where you want to have high speed internet connection.

Here are the Steps to Install D-Link Wireless Extender DAP-1520 WiFi extender device for your Network

  •          Ensure that your D-Link Wireless Extender DAP-1520 WiFi Extender device is receiving power supply using power adapter from your power socket.
  •          From the search of your computer tool for Wi-Fi networks that are currently available. Select WiFi Network that is available for WiFi Extender device.
  •          Click the "Connect" button.
  •          Now start the web browser on your computer device, which is now connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  •          Fill the password on the login window that you are set to access the login for your device.
  •          Go to the "setup wizard" option from the configuration page.
  •          Click on the "Next" button.
  •          Choose the “Manual Configurations” for your device so that you can easily manage the settings for your device.
  •          Click on the “Next” button.
  •          From there you can choose the WiFi network for your device and once again click on the “Next” button.
  •          There you can fill the WiFi access password for your device and click on the “Next” button once again.
  •          You can then change the WiFi network name that is also known as the SSID name for your device.Choose the password so that later you can secure the WiFi access for your device.
  •          You can also choose name for the 5 GHz network for your device.

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