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Davinci Vaporizer: Smart Vaporizer To Buy In 2018

Davinci Vaporizer: Smart Vaporizer To Buy In 2018

Portable vaporizers are a must-have if you enjoy vaping when traveling. If you are planning to buy one, then you can grab your hands on the Davinci Vaporizer. The device comes with temperature adjustments, app controls, Smart Paths, and much more. Keep reading to know full insight of the product.


Talking of the design, the device looks like a rounded rectangle and is available in copper, blue, black, gray and even in olive color. Davinci vaporizer comes with a pre-installed flat mouthpiece, which looks similar to the battery of your smartphone.

The Davinci IQ have a ceramic mouthpiece and you can remove it to clean the device properly. There is a flavor chamber under the device which helps in holding additional materials which can directly be used for vaping.

The bottom of the device holds the vaping oven. The IQ is only for ground materials and can’t be used with the oils and concentrates. Also, the bottom conceals the battery which can easily be replaced or removed, and you can easily charge the device using the micro USB port. Not just that, you will also get additional battery and charger with the device, making your journey easier. The company claims to provide you with one and a half hour of vaping sessions, but it may vary depending on the temperature you are using it.

What else? Well, you will get there buttons on the side of the IQ with each representing different use. The top button is considered as a control button, turning the vaporizer off or on with the five presses, and also allows switching between the Precision and Smart Path heating modes. You also get one boost mode which enables the device to reach the maximum temperatures. The two other buttons help to adjust the desired temperature easily.

The device looks stunning and comes with LED lights. These lights are bright, but you can dim them when switching on the stealth mode by simply pressing the control buttons provided on the side.


Speaking of the modes of IQ, you get two modes which are Precision and Smart Path. the Smart Paths mode comes with a preset temperature which heats the material to a certain level and gradually raises the temperature. On the other hand, the Precision mode heats the material at the precision temperature which ranges from 250 and 430 degrees. 

All in all, the Davinci vaporizers offers impressive features and performance. So, wait no more and buy the vaporizer from a reputed online store like - To The Cloud Vapor Store. Visit now!

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