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How Can Indian Graduates Obtain Australian Permanent Residency?

If you dream of settling down in Kangaroo Land, then this article is a must read for you. Just like many other countries, Australia has opened its arms for talented and skilled Indians and that helps your dreams come true. You must have heard many great things about the lifestyle of Australia, and all that you have heard is absolutely true (if it is in the positive!). And guess what, this article is here to tell you a bit more about how to realize your dream of working and acquiring Australian Permanent Residency (PR) and settling down in the beautiful nation. Being reputed Australia Immigration Consultants in Delhi, we tackle many student visa and PR issues every day and here is an insight into the things you need to care for.

What is PR?

Well, before we launch into the Australian immigration process, it is essential to give you an insight about the actual definition of Australian Permanent Residency (PR). It is a special status that is awarded to a person who is willing to contribute as a skilled employee to the betterment of Australia. This status allows a foreign national to settle down in Kangaroo Land on a permanent basis and without any limitations. The holders of such a visa enjoy all the rights and privileges as any normal citizen of Australia would do.

How to get Permanent Residency visa?

This is the most asked question we face every day, being well known Australia Immigration Consultants in Delhi, and you too must be eager to learn just how you can obtain this visa. The PR visa can be applied for after you have completed your graduation. It can be done via the popular Skill Select Migration Program (which is also known as General Skilled Migration Scheme). This is basically an innovative online system that allows the aspirants from India to apply for a Skilled Visa after presenting an Expression of Interest (EOI). The EOI you sent should carry personal details as well as education and employment details. You should also mention clearly the nominated profession and stay ready for Skill Assessment for your mentioned field of work. Apart from this, you need to present high English language ability scores.

Which is the best visa option for International graduates?

With our extensive experience as Australia immigration consultants in Delhi we can safely tell you that Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa) has to be the best possible option. This visa is meant for well-trained employees, between the age limits of 18 and 45 years, who do not have sponsorship from any Australian state or territory or nomination from a firm or family member settled Down Under. Skilled Independent Visa allows you to pursue a job or studies in Australia with complete PR rights.

If you need further help or consultation, then we are waiting for you at our office for Australia immigration consultants in Delhi, please come over or write to us.

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