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4 Tips For Perfect Press Conference Venues

A press conference is a crucial event as it plays an important role in the path of your publicity. To execute a perfect conference meeting you must go through some factors listed below:

#1. How Many Journalists Will Participate:

It is better to have a clear idea besides it is a tough job but it is important to be done. When organizing a press conference it is good to talk in all the ways to know how many journalists will be present. Beware, it is tough task because it can always happen that someone who has been credited does not show-up or just arrives without confirmation. You have to take this into account, but what is certain is to have an idea of the number of journalists present will be indispensable in predicting seating at the table in case a dinner is planned. How to set up a standing aperitif and specially the room.

#2. Choose The Most Appropriate Location(by size and layout):

In addition to having an idea of how to handle catering, knowing the number of participants in your press conference will allow you to choose the most appropriate size of the room. Remember that it should never be oversized otherwise the conference might look under-rated. Journalists also don’t like to see highly crowded rooms where they cannot take pictures or take notes. Even the kind of room design is important. If you have invited a few journalists to set up a round table or to choose a classroom. However, if the conference is for a stage, it must be set up at the best with legitimate knights and precise names.


#3. Eye At Time!

It often happens, that an event especially in the case of a press conference begins long after the time indicated on the invitation. This practice is not always appreciated and I explain why, it is true that journalists sometimes attend various press conferences daily and that with a minimum of tolerance on arrival time is needed. But it would be better not to go beyond the classical ‘quarter-hour academic’. Meanwhile, for those he come on time and then not to delay the end of the conference, perhaps with the risk that everyone will go away when it’s not over or worse forcing the speakers to run and be unconvincing. That is why it is good for the journalists to have an idea of? What will be the duration of the conference but it will not have to be any longer. So the rule is to respect the times!

#4. Password: PR!

The journalists arrive what he calls his name comes from the list and the print media is delivered to him. Ok, the credit is gone. But it may not be enough. Much better if there is someone in the company who welcomes the journalists, greet those who already know and come to those who have never met. If the accreditation phase is cynicism because there is much affluence this stage can be postponed to the hall before the conference begins. And even during after the presentation, there must always be some easily accessible referent to which journalists can contact for information, photo requests, interviews and so on.

Look for the conference centre that fulfills the above conditions.

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