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EMI Shielding Market To Create Lucrative Growth Prospects with Accelerated Deplo

Numerous companies operate in the global EMI shielding market and based on competitive pricing, performance, support services, quality, and product innovation, they are trying to gain a greater foothold in the market. The big companies, who can afford it, are funneling substantial amounts into research and development to come up with better products. They are also trying to expand their outreach through carefully-considered partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.

The explosive sales in the consumer electronics is at the forefront of driving growth in the global EMI shielding market. Serving to hinder the market, on the other hand is the restrictive regulations.

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A report by Transparency Market Research, forecasts the global EMI shielding market to rise at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2017 to 2025 to attain a value of US.84 bn by 2025 from US.96 bn in 2016.

Consumer Electronics Leading Application Segment Because of Rising Sales of Smart Electronics

EMI shielding finds application in various sectors such as healthcare, information technology, telecommunication, aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics, and others. At present, the consumer electronics segment accounts for a leading share in the market because of the growing sales of different sophisticated smart electronics such as mobile phones and tablets, GPS tracker, portable communication devices, etc.

Other key end use segments are the automotive, aerospace, defense, and healthcare. In the automotive segment, for example, EMI shielding is used in power seats, power windows, automatic sliding doors, remote starters, and keyless ignitions. With the explosive growth in the automotive sector worldwide, the global EMI shielding market too will likely receive a fillip.

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With the growing technological advancement, the use of EMI shielding in different aerospace and defense is also growing rapidly. It serves to bring down the electromagnetic interference during operation time, increase the efficiency of operations, and provide enhanced safety to the end user. This in turn is anticipated to increase the uptake of this technology and create a better opportunity for various EMI shielding technology providers in the coming years.

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