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David Mirich Bio And Why To Be Mindful

About David Mirich

David Mirich is a popular name in the field of psychological treatment. He worked as a teacher at a number of colleges and universities and as an administrator at various posts. He treats patients suffering from psychological issues and has become a popular name for his amazing treatment methods.

David Mirich has also authored a good number of books (notably, The Unenviable), research papers and studies in psychology. He has been guiding the pilots as well. His years of experience and great sense of humor make him one of the best psychologists in the world. He is helping out everyone who wants guidance with Paths Center.

Effects of Mindfulness on Psychological Health

Following are some of the effects of mindfulness on psychological health according to experts as well as David Mirich.

1. Well-Being

Experts believe that with self-regulation people can become better in overall health. Their emotions and thoughts are refined and they get better control over their emotions. Even a recent psychological study found out that mindfulness has great impact on overall health, well-being and life satisfaction. The concept of mindfulness existed centuries ago and people have actually benefited from it in a number of ways.

2. Working Memory

This is another amazing impact of mindfulness on human health. Working memory stores information and thoughts that can be recalled for future processing. A good number of research studies proved a strong relationship between working memory and mindfulness. Even a study carried out in 2011 found out positive effects of attention and mindfulness on working memory.

3. Depression

We all know that discrimination leads to depressive symptoms. A lot of studies have been done on this topic and every study found a relationship between depressive symptoms and discrimination in one way or the other. And interestingly, most of these studies suggested that these depressive symptoms can be reduced with mindfulness. That means mindfulness offers protection against depression and discrimination.

4. Use of Strength

A study in 2012 found out that mindfulness helps an individual exhibit his/her strength is a better way. Various researchers proved that mindfulness has great effects on personality as well as mental health. With that, it also lets a person use their strength in a better way. It is now obvious that a person becomes more aware with mindfulness and he can better use his strength anywhere possible.

5. Happiness

Human brain is divided into two parts; front left part and front right part. When someone is depressed, stressed or in tension, the right front part has high activity. While left front part has high activity when we are happy. The ratio of activities in the two parts determines our level of happiness. Richard Davidson and Jon Kabat-Zinn proved in their research paper that one hour of mindfulness for 8 weeks increases the level of activity in the part that determines our happiness. So they mean to say, with mindfulness a person can become happier.

6. Resilience

Resilience is the power or ability of an individual to recover from setbacks, shocks or negative feelings. When it comes to mindfulness and resilience, there is a deep relationship between the two. Mindfulness helps a person become more resilient and recover quickly from any setback.




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