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 Grounding Bars Market To Hold a High Potential for Growth by 2028

Grounding Bars Market To Hold a High Potential for Growth by 2028

Grounding Bars Market: Introduction

The continuous development and improvements in infrastructure and growing telecommunication industry are creating a huge demand for grounding bars. Grounding bars are mostly made of copper and are customized to meet the specific application requirements. Manufacturers choose different materials for the manufacturing of grounding bars, which are based on the application and location for installments. Manufactures mostly prefer corrosion-resistant materials for grounding bars to avoid it from corrosion and to increase the grounding bars shelf life.

Grounding bars enable the safe conduct of electricity. The grounding bar creates equipotential plane that acts as protective agent and buffer between the electrical equipment and people working on those electrical equipment. Grounding bars increase the safety factor and minimize accidents. Variety of materials are used for the manufacturing of grounding bars, e.g., copper, steel, tin, tin plated and mixture of copper and steel. Copper grounding bars and tin plated grounding bars are the most commonly used in the market since they have less vulnerability to corrosion. Grounding bars have major application in the telecom industry, where they work as a central point for grounding equipment.

Grounding bar equalizes the electrical current and increases the safety. Grounding bar filters the excess electrical current, which may harm the electrical equipment. Grounding bars are grounded to the earth, which enable to divert the excess electrical current to the earth. Various government associations and quality standard bodies have made specific standards for the manufacturing of grounding bars. For instance, it is mandate for vendors to manufacture grounding bars as per the ISO 9001 standards.

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Telecommunication grounding bars have five components, i.e., telecom bonding conductor, telecom main grounding busbar (TMGB), telecom grounding busbar (TGB), telecom bonding backbone (TBB) and telecom bonding backbone interconnecting bonding conductor (TBBIBC). Several developments and innovations in grounding bar, with reference to material, are expected to proliferate the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Grounding Bars Market: Drivers and Challenges

The economic development in infrastructure and growing investments for improvement in the telecommunication sector are factors expected to drive the growth of the global grounding bars market. The increasing commercial sector developments and demand of high speed internet are further expected to fuel the demand for grounding bars during the forecast period.  Government associations, such as the American National Standard, have a mandate that the grounding bars must incline with the TIA- 607B standard. These factors are expected to create the significant demand for grounding bars and drive the growth of the market over the forecast period.

However, one of the major challenges for the growth of the global grounding bars market is the corrosive nature of grounding bars. Another potential challenge for grounding bar manufacturers is the volatile price of copper, which makes difficult to maintain the profit margin for manufacturers.  

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