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4 Ultimate Tips to Reduce the Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a serious disease which can shatter the life of a woman if not diagnosed and treated timely. Worldwide women suffering from breast cancer have to come to terms with the harsh reality of facing this daunting disease which can affect their self-esteem. Signs of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in breast shape, dimpling of the skin and fluid coming from the nipple.

Risk factors for developing breast cancer in women include obesity, lack of physical exercise, excessive alcohol intake, having children late or not at all, hormone replacement therapy during menopause, old age, prior history of breast cancer and family history. Breast cancer treatment specialists specialising in different areas of treatment such as surgery, radiation oncology work together to create a patient’s overall treatment plan that combines different types of treatments.

Although there is no sure shot way to stop the spread of breast cancer, there are several measures you can take to lower the risk of breast cancer and help prevent the disease:

Watch your weight and eat a healthy diet:

Overweight and obese women are more prone to breast cancer. After menopause, most of the oestrogen comes from fat tissue which can increase the chances of getting breast cancer due to increased oestrogen levels. Also, women who gain weight as adults tend to have higher insulin levels which are linked to breast cancer. If you are carrying extra pounds it’s time to lose some weight to lower the risk of breast cancer.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer:

Exercising is a very important part of cancer treatment. Exercising for thirty minutes a day four to five times a week reduces breast cancer risk and is a breast-healthy habit. It is important to exercise post menopause to reduce breast cancer risk. Doctors recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week.

Cut down the intake of alcohol and avoid smoking:

Research has shown that women who have two to three alcoholic drinks per day have about 20% higher risk of getting breast cancer compared to women who don’t drink at all. Women who have one drink a day are less prone to the risk. Excessive drinking increases the risk of breast cancer. Women who smoke are highly vulnerable to the risk of breast cancer and it should be avoided to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid or limit hormone replacement therapy:

Hormone replacement therapy was used more often in the past to help control night sweats, hot flashes, and other symptoms of menopause. But research now shows that postmenopausal women who take a combination of oestrogen and progestin are more likely to develop breast cancer. Breast cancer risk reduces within a few years after stopping the combination of hormones. If you decide to go in for hormone replacement therapy, it is best to use it at the lowest dose that works for you and for a short period of time if possible. Consult your doctor about all the options to control your menopause symptoms, and the risks involved.

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