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Remington R-91 Rechargeable Travel Shaver Review

Finding a travel shaver which is reasonable for your requirements is frequently simpler than finding a customary shaver because of the lesser measure of decisions accessible in the market and furthermore fewer highlights to consider. The Remington R-91 is a rotary travel razor which comes at a minimal engaging effort. It's the number 1 moving Remington Shaver, which imparts trust in customers that it conveys.

Key highlights of the Remington R-91 Rechargeable Travel Shaver:

  • Two Independent Floating Heads
  • Double track Cutters
  • Rechargeable
  • Perfect for traveling or contact ups

Feel and Ergonomics

Stylishly, the Remington R-91 has an appealing appearance. The use of silver and dark differentiations exceptionally well to make an advanced look. Ergonomically, Remington has things spot on. The shaver fits well into the palm of your hand without feeling excessively little or extensive.


Fortunately, this razor is rechargeable, so you don't have the problem of pressing batteries previously you go traveling. Lamentably, this implies if you need to take it places where there is no electrical power you can't charge it which is a significant drawback if you're traveling for longer than multi-week. Charging times are somewhat baffling as a full charge needs 16 hrs, which gives you 30 minutes utilization dependent on 3-minute shaves. The directions express that the NiMH battery can't be supplanted after it achieves the finish of its lifespan which is a bit of concerning the long haul use of this razor.


The two rotary heads give a decent measure of inclusion, as they move autonomously to pursue your facial forms for upgraded comfort. The double tracks are powerful at slicing through your stubble at a quick rate to enable you to shave in a base measure of passes.

Shaving execution itself is high caliber for shorter stubble, giving you a nearby shave and smooth skin. Of course, the shave isn't as close as higher-end rotary shavers but is excellent given the low cost and conservative size of this razor.


The Remington R-91 isn't especially travel-accommodating if you plan traveling abroad because it just acknowledges 125v power input. There is no travel-bolt so its likelihood turning on while inside your sack could happen.


The Remington R-91 is perfect for the individuals who are looking for a basic, minimal effort travel razor which works to perfection in giving you a nearby shave. One of its primary drawbacks is that it has, for example, long charging time, so you have to choose whether you can live with that.

It isn't the most travel-accommodating razor in the market primarily because of it's 125 voltage input. Like this, if you regularly travel to a lot of nations, you'd be in an ideal situation obtaining a battery worked razor, for example, the Braun M90.

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