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Why do Knee Surgeons prefer Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

Have you been struggling with knee pain that refuses to go away? Have you tried medication, physical therapy and activity modification but have not found relief? Does your knee pain prevent you from engaging in activities you love?

If your answer to one or more of the above questions is ‘yes’, you may find the solution in arthroscopic knee surgery. During an arthroscopic knee surgery, the orthopedic or knee surgeon will insert a thin tube with a tiny camera through a small incision in the skin. This camera or arthroscope will allow your surgeon to look inside your knee joint for damage or problems.

Arthroscopic knee surgery can both diagnose and treat a number of knee issues. Here are some conditions that can be successfully treated with arthroscopic knee surgery.

  • Ligament problems – The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament and PCL or posterior cruciate ligament hold the knee in place. Damage or injury to these ligaments can be fixed with arthroscopic surgery.
  • Cartilage problems – Cartilage is the connective tissue that serves as a cushion between bones at a joint. Torn cartilage can be repaired with arthroscopic knee surgery.
  • Bone issues – Your knee pain may be the result of a dislocated or fractured bone in the knee. A knee arthroscopy can resolve a variety of bone issues.

Knee pain may result due to a variety of reasons and it’s important to have an experienced surgeon diagnose the underlying condition causing your symptoms. Treating only the pain and other symptoms without treating its root cause will not help. Even in cases where the cause of your pain is difficult to diagnose, arthroscopic surgery can diagnose the problem as well as repair the source of the issue in the same procedure.

Here are the top reasons to consider arthroscopic knee surgery.

  • Diagnose the cause of knee pain – Arthroscopic knee surgery cannot only treat a number of knee issues but also identify what is causing the pain and other symptoms. In cases where other diagnostic methods fail to pinpoint a cause, knee arthroscopy can find out the cause and fix the issue right there.
  • Minimally invasive procedure – An arthroscopic surgery is much less invasive than a traditional knee surgery since the latter involves opening up the knee and cutting through muscles, tendons, and ligaments to reach the joint. On the other hand, arthroscopic surgeries are performed using smaller incisions, which means cutting through less surrounding tissue and minimal blood loss and scarring in the surgery area.
  • Faster recovery – Since arthroscopic knee surgery is far less invasive, recovery is faster after the surgery. You can resume your regular routine quicker than you would open knee surgeries.

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