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Can Athlete’s Foot spread from one person to other?

Athlete’s foot is a non-serious and common fungal infection of the skin that affects the feet. It is a contagious infection and can be contracted by touching someone who has it or infected surfaces. Once contracted, the fungus grows on the feet that are left inside moist, dark, and warm shoes and socks.

There are several symptoms are associated with Athlete’s foot, including –

  • mild to severe itching, redness
  • soreness
  • uncomfortable feeling in the feet

The fungus that causes Athlete’s foot grows in warm and moist areas and your feet may become infected at public pools, locker rooms, showers and surrounding areas.

Left untreated, athlete’s foot may lead to infection. However, it can be prevented by wearing shoes in public areas, keeping the feet clean and dry and using anti-fungal powder often if your feet sweat excessively. If you suspect or know that you are suffering from Athlete’s foot, consult a podiatrist right away to get appropriate proper treatment.

Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent athlete’s foot –

  • properly washing and drying feet
  • avoiding going barefoot in locker rooms and public showers
  • using shower shoes in public showers
  • wearing socks that allow the feet to breathe and absorb sweat; change them twice a day
  • changing socks and shoes frequently, especially if you sweat a lot
  • drying the skin between your toes after swimming or bathing
  • wearing shoes or sandals that allow your feet to breathe
  • wearing socks without shoes, indoors
  • wearing socks to absorb sweat
  • using talcum or antifungal powder on your feet
  • allowing your shoes to air for at least 24 hours before you wear them again
  • soaking your feet in warm salt water and then drying them before you go to bed

Athlete’s Foot Symptoms

Athlete’s foot initially appears as a rash between the toes. Left undiagnosed, it can spread to the sides and bottom of the feet, toenails, and even the hands, if you touch your feet you’re your hands. Symptoms of Athlete’s foot include –

  • redness
  • burning
  • itching
  • scaly and peeling skin

Athlete’s Foot Treatment

A diagnosis for Athletes foot is made by testing the skin sample in a lab. If the diagnosis for Athlete’s foot is confirmed, your foot doctor may recommend oral medications and topical anti-fungal creams to help you get rid of the fungal infection. If that doesn’t treat your fungal infection successfully, talk to your foot specialist for another treatment option to clear up your infection.

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