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Radial Tyres for Two Wheelers

With the advent of technology in the field of automobile, the production of different types of two wheelers and four wheelers are being produced by the manufacturing companies. As the production of such motor driven automobiles are increasing the demand of tyres are being increased too. Like the engine, fuel efficiency and gear systems are being developed day by day. The demand for better tyres has also surely come into light. The tyre manufacturing companies are developing better and better quality of tyres to please their customers with the best in quality products along with special features. The tyres are being made with more advance technology to prevent them more wear and tear and also to prevent accidents for slipping on road.

Tyre is a mechanized object which helps to distribute the load of the vehicle evenly. It is a ring shaped component that borders the rim of the vehicle, evenly distributing the load of the vehicle evenly on the ground. The two wheelers tyres are specially inflated to provide a cushion for shock absorption. Out of these radial tyres are ones that are made in a particular design in which the chord piles are attached to a 90 degrees angle in the direction of the travel radially. Radial tyres for two wheelers is produced at large. The piles of the radial tyres are perpendicular to the direction of the travel. This feature prevents the tyre from heating up quickly and crating a soft ride. These tyres also provide high grip on the road along with a superb maneuverability of the vehicle. In order to make the tyres stiff, steel belts are placed too. It consists of two layers of rubber, one being a spiral layer that provides durability to the product. The radial tyres also consist of ply cord that is the actual part of the tyre. This ply cord is capable of holding the inflation pressure and withstands local and road shocks. A chafer is also present in the tyre to prevent the heat of the tyre while rubbing on road, damaging the other parts of that tyre. The tyres also have flexible sidewalls, thus keeping the less bumpy. It also gives fuel efficiency due to more rolling effect.

However, some of the problems of radial tyres are that as the speed of the vehicle is increased the tyre may sway in that increased speed. Moreover, the sidewalls tend to bulge out after some use and get punctured.

Two wheeler companies in India are:

  1. Apollo tyres- Apollo tyres are one of the biggest tyre manufacturing companies in India. The company produces tyres for both bikes and cars in India.

  2. MRF- In 1946, the MRF tyre company was born. It is a multinational company and is currently the largest manufacturer of tyres in India. The world class manufacturing technology keeps it on the top list.

  3. JK tyres- Formed in 1974, this Delhi based tyre manufacturing company earned its name with the premium quality of tyres served for both bikes and cars.

  4. CEAT- CEAT tyres was established under the flagship of RPG enterprises in 1958 and is currently India’s one of the largest tyre producers with over 95,000 tyres per day manufactured.

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