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Top 10 Websites for Education

Top 10 Websites for Education

Education is expensive these days and it takes a longer duration to complete it. There are so many people who are searching for job opportunities and they know about the importance of education so well. There are so many applicants in the job market who do not have much education but have more experience, and on the other hand there are people who have proper education and less experience of work so the preference is always given to the people who have proper education.

Importance of education is not just limited with job, but it is extremely important for quality of our lives as well. Education will drastically improve quality of our lives. These days’ students are searching everything related with their degree online and for that they need proper websites for guiding them.

In order, to guide them for education there are so many famous websites of education, and some of the most famous websites for education are elaborated under:


Glogster is an excellent website for education. Glogster is a platform that is used by educators and as well by students to combine text, images, video, and audio to create an interactive, Web-based poster called blogs on a virtual canvas. Glogster is a very useful platform for students of art field.

Voice Thread

Voice Thread is a very famous platform for students to learn. It is a famous tool for magnifying learning skills of students. Using Voice Thread, teachers and as well as students can generate, as well as share, and share their opinions for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and some other graphics

Myths & Legends

Myths and legends is a website for telling different creative stories to students. Most of these stories are fables.


Animoto is a platform that provides it, users, to produce cloud-based video creation service. It will produce videos from photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows. Animoto is a very useful and constructive platform for graphic designers, animators, and etc. Animoto is a great platform for media students and especially for those who have specialization in animation.


Mix book is an online photo design tool. Mix book provides its customers an opportunity, to design customized photo books, cards, and etc. Mix book is a company, which at the very beginning created a very


Prezi is a visual storytelling software that is a substitute to conventional presentation formats. It is very useful for students as it is giving an opportunity to students to prepare presentations.    

Aviary Education

Aviary Education is the startup that makes web-based applications that are too creative. They are offering some features including editors for images, vector graphics, and as well as audio recordings. Aviary education is now targeting a new segment of students which includes students and primary teachers. The best aspect of Aviary Education is that it is providing some of the best features for teachers so that they can enhance creativity in their classroom.


Weebly is very constructive as it easily creates a website for classroom and as well as blog. It also help teachers in managing attendance of students, and in assigning and accepting their homework.

Kid Blog

Kid blog is another amazing website that is useful for students for the purpose of education. It encourages students to write for an important cause or issue, and help them in getting authentic audiences.

Assignment Globe


Assignment globe is one of the best assignment writing services platform for students who are facing issues with their assignments. Assignment Globe provides plagiarized free work, along with on-time delivery, and with great quality of content. One of the best aspects of their assignment writing services is that they not only provide quality content but the facility to revise assignments for multiple time. 

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