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Reasons why women get misleading False Positive test results for Pregnancy

A false-positive test result affirms you are pregnant when you are not. False-positive results can be caused by the use of tranquilizers or the presence of protein & blood in your urine. Select the best Pediatrician in Navi Mumbai for optimum results.

These are the possible reasons why pregnancy tests display false-positive results:

  • Understanding home pregnancy tests: These tests detect if human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is present in the person`s urine. It can be detected in either the blood or urine as this hormone is linked with pregnancy. Follow the instructions carefully for an accurate result.
  • Results and their Meaning: All the positive pregnancy tests do not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. A false-positive reading can be easily found in a pregnancy test. In case of a positive pregnancy test outcome kindly consult your doctor for a detailed assessment.
  • A prior miscarriage can lead to this result: A false-positive result can occur if a person takes the test after a preceding miscarriage. In an incomplete miscarriage, there may be residual tissue in the uterus from the pregnancy that is still producing HCG. Surgery might be required to get rid of any retained elements of conception. Consult a skilled Pediatrician in Kharghar.
  • What is Molar pregnancy? A molar pregnancy encourages the growth of the uterine tumor. It is usually an outcome of genetic abnormalities during conception. There is a lack of placental tissue or embryo as the father's chromosomes are only present. It might necessitate surgery which in turn leads to false-positive test results later on.
  • If HCG levels are high due to fertility medications: A false positive outcome is almost guaranteed if a pregnancy test is taken too soon after taking a fertility drug with HCG. This includes injections linked with in vitro fertilization. Most medications do not have an effect on the outcome of home pregnancy tests.
  • Gauge the Accuracy: If used correctly, a majority of home pregnancy tests display accurate results. If the test is not used properly or the results are checked later than the suggested time it might lead to false-positive results. Take the test after a missed period to get an accurate result.
  • Specific Medical conditions: A false-positive pregnancy test outcome is usually obtained if a woman suffers from specific medical conditions. These conditions influence the amount of HCG and include urinary tract infections, kidney disease and gestational trophoblastic diseases among others.

If you are actively trying to conceive, a false-positive pregnancy test result can be extremely distressing. If the test is taken too early the HCG hormone might not be correctly detected. Consult your doctor or take another pregnancy test after a few days to be sure of the outcome.  

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