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Know Some of the Life-Changing Matte Lipstick Hacks

Are you experiencing any issues on your lips while using matte lipstick? Do not worry!  Try these hacks in order to get some outstanding results while you are wearing a matte lipstick color. By reading this short write up, you can have a clear mind on how to use the matte lip color for some stunning results

  • Exfoliate your lips:  Remember matte lipstick will settle easily on the rough patches. Hence, you can exfoliate your lips just before applying the lipstick. By this, you can prevent the cakey appearance. For further smoothening rub your lips with honey. By exfoliation, you can eliminate the chapped lips. Lip butter can be used, and rubbing can be done with a soft toothbrush to make the surface even. Once the lips become soft and smooth, you can apply your favorite lipstick.
  • Usage of lip balm: In order to hydrate your lips, you can apply lip balm as matte lipstick can make a super drying. With this application before applying your lipstick your lips will look totally matte. Lip balm will moisturize your lips. With moisturized lips, the result of your applying matte lipstick will make the lips smooth.
  • Long lasting lipstick: If you are keen on making your matte lipstick to stay for a long period, try to pull apart the top layers of tissue and place the same on your lips. Next, apply translucent powder on the top of the tissue. This will ensure in depositing the powder on your lipstick. Note this powder has enough staying power, like your facial makeup. Direct application can be avoided as it can make your lips to look cakey. Get this powder while buying your lip color online for instant use.
  • Use lip primer: To maximize longevity, you need to start using a lip primer if you not tried. This works along with your exfoliator and moisturizer in ensuring long-lasting wear of your matte lipstick. Also, with the said translucent powder you can make any lipstick matte, and this is one of the useful tricks you can easily follow. By this method, you can make your lipstick non-transferable and can have more freedom to drink your favorite drinks like coffee or tea.
  • Try Creamier formula:  If you have any issue of dry or cracked lips while using the matte lipstick, you can try Creamier formula which will give you the comfort of wearing lipstick for a longer time.

With these stated hacks, you are guaranteed to keep your lipstick color in place as well have your kisser moisturized. With these tips, you are sure to rock with your classic lip appearance. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to take advice from a reputed beautician near to you.

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