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Packing Guide for Traveling Couples

If you’re a couple traveling with a significant other, here are some ways you can both pack stress-free and have memorable vacations.

The key to great trips with your significant other is to pack less. When your bag is lighter and you are not busy keeping track of everything, it’s easier to enjoy your time together/

Packing cubes are a life-saver

Packing cubes are usually rectangular, zip-up fabric containers, you can use to better organize your items and even compress your clothes as you pack them. Packing cubes are small, inexpensive, and make packing/unpacking considerably less stressful.

Since these bags are often transparent, they are especially useful for couples who share bags since these bags make it easier to see whose things are where.

The Right Bag can make a Big Difference

If you can avoid check-in luggage, you can save a lot in checked luggage fee as well as save time at baggage claim. If sticking to carry-on solely is your goal, you can pack your packing cubes in a new carry-on luggage.

Invest in carry-on luggage that is the right size, price and reliability. Look for one that allows expandable room but still fits standard overhead size regulations.

You may want to have trip=specific luggage, such as backpacks for hiking trips, suitcases for urban travel or resort stays and day bags for weekend trips or short one-nighters. Now you can buy backpacks that allows straps as well as wheels option.

A smart wardrobe can save you trouble

Packing less means packing clothes that you can make the most of or versatile clothing.

Lay out all your outfits on the bed. Now take a hard look at what you can’t do without and pack it. Pack layers and pieces, you can easily mix and match regardless of whether you’re traveling to a tropical destination or to colder environs.

You often do not need more than 2-3 pairs of shoes including a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and a pair of sandals or dressy shoes.

If both of you have your own bag, you can split your items between the two. In case, you lose one bag, no one loses all of their wardrobe.”

Make the most of your clothing

There are a few things that can help you get the most out of your clothing.

Pack a spot cleaning pen, a rubber stopper, and a little bit of washing liquid, as well as a line you can hang up your clothes on to let them dry. You can also lay your clothes across your hotel room’s heater, to accelerate drying.

Sharing is Caring

You can share phones, laptop, chargers, cameras and other tech stuff to save space. A plug-in USB hub would allow you to charge multiple devices at once.

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