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Bathroom Remodeling: Know-How Guide

Bathroom up-gradation can be really exciting.  Excitement must not undermine your ability to make informed decisions. Before going for remodeling, you need to ask certain questions to yourself like - why do you want to remodel your bathroom? Who is going to use this bathroom? Here are some expert tips to know about bathroom remodeling.

Estimation of costs-

Control your expectation and place your budget into the driving seat. Prior estimation of a budget is an important prerequisite in any remodeling. The cost of the project will depend on several factors like the size of the bathroom, quality of materials you wish to buy and cost of labor (whether you wish to do some labor yourself or hire a person). Other than these, cost also depends on whether you need to change the fixtures and appliances. If there is any issue regarding plumbing or electricity, this may add on to the total cost. Always keep in mind ‘BUDGET FOR THE UNEXPECTED’.

Space efficiency-

If there is limited space in the bathroom, corner sink can be a good idea. It avoids potential traffic problems and the swing of the entry or shower door. Smaller bathtubs suiting the size of the bathroom are available in many attractive designs in the market.

Key dimensions-

Standard dimensions recommended for bathtub and toilet space must be referred to. Taking these measurements into consideration helps in achieving perfection.

Lighting arrangement-

Layered lightening pattern, including task, ambient, decorative and accent, in the bathroom, gives the feeling of space maximization. Bright light fixtures placed properly are important accessory while applying make-up or shaving.

Shower floors-

A Proper slope is an important feature for best drainage. Larger tiles are not easy to the slope and are slippery unless textured. Smaller tiles offer more friction. These are commonly used for shower floors.

Hide the toilet-

You may never want a visitor to see toilet first in your bathroom. It can often be discreet. Hiding your toilet can be a good idea. Seek the advice of the professionals to hide the toilet from the bathroom entrance. Use of framed wall or a piece of furniture as an armor can be a good option.

The shower or Bathtub-

This approach is very useful in space utilization when you have a limited area to use. The best example for this is the replacement of bathtub with a shower. These days many people are replacing their old bathtubs, which they never used, with shower spaces. Such spaces may save you money, water and are environment-friendly in the long run. Also, these look more stylish as these match current fashion trends where showers are preferred more than bathtubs.

Create a Plan before initiating-

Bathroom remodeling cannot be done by oneself alone with a perfect finish. Hiring a professional and having everything planned out in advance will make your remodeling cheaper and you will obtain a satisfactory result. If you are in the Florida region, then you need not worry about your bathroom remodeling. Build America LLC is a very reputable name of this area and the experts of this company will assist you in every possible way. Visit or call (727)776-9023 to get the best remodeling services for your bathroom.


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