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How to avoid Packing Malfunctions?

There are thousands of packing hacks online about traveling light preparing for trips. But sometimes, preparations fail. What do you do then?

Packing malfunctions are not a myth. Here are a few tips to help you if you find yourself battling some.

The Right Luggage

Everyone knows to pack light and smart, but they forget that the type of luggage matters too.

The size of your bag is an important factor because you want a bag big enough to carry your things. Yet your luggage should not be too big to be a burden.

If you’re going to live in a nice hotel, go for a suitcase. If it’s just an overnight trip, go for a small duffel bag or a weekender bag. If you are going on an adventure trip or a beach vacay, try a backpack or a rucksack. Choose one based on your needs and priorities. Invest in sturdy, weather proof travel luggage to keep your things secured and protected.

The Right Clothing

Research about the destination to ensure you carry the right clothes. But if you’re still unsure, avoid overdressing and underdressing by using a layered clothing system.

The base layer is the most primary clothing, and can be left on when the place is too hot for more layers. The middle layer is what you wear when the weather is not too hot but not too cold enough either. The last layer is basically a jacket that you can use during cooler weather or if your trip involves going up to the mountains.

Multi-socket Power Strip

If you use a lot of gadgets on your trip, you’ll be recharging a lot of equipment. Many hotels and hostel rooms don’t have a lot of sockets. So, if you want to save time and recharge everything together, bring a multi-socket power strip. And if you’re traveling internationally, you need an adapter and a converter too.

Expandable Tote Bag

Even efficient packers may run out of room in their bag for souvenirs. An expandable tote bag will you carry more items with you without buying a new bag. If the souvenirs are delicate, cushion them well using your clothing to help them survive the trip.

Duct Tape

Surprised? Duct tape is one of the most versatile items and can be used for practically anything, for example, repairing stuff.

Luggage busted? No cable ties nearby? Want to spot your luggage quickly at the carousel? There’s nothing duct tape can’t solve.

Preparation helps, not only for traveling but many other aspects of life. Be better prepared and enjoy your trip!

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