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What to Pack in your Toiletry Bag (for Women)

You don’t want to leave anything you may need when you travel. You also don’t want to carry unnecessary stuff you would never need on a trip. What do you do?

Here’s a quick guide on what you need to pack in your toiletry bag when traveling.

The Basics

  • Shampoo and Conditioner – If you are someone who hates hotel freebies, pack travel sized bottles of your favorite brand of shampoo or conditioner.  Or carry a solid shampoo bar, cut in small cubes, to save you space and money.
  • Body Wash or Soap – Pack a travel size body wash you like or bring a soap bar. Again, remember all good hotel provide body wash or soap but if you can’t do without your own brand, carry it.
  • Facial Cleanser – Travel can be stressful. Carrying your own travel size face wash is a must.
  • Facial Moisturizer – You could transfer your own favorite facial moisturizer into a refillable jar. Or you can simply buy a toiletry kit from Travel Badger with travel-sized bottles of all your fav brads on a single, clear and organized kit.
  • Travel Size Toothpaste and Toothbrush – Get something compact like a foldable toothbrush and your favorite travel size toothpaste.
  • Mouthwash Tablets – If you are a stickler for mouthwash, get mouthwash tablets to avoid packing liquid in your toiletry bag.
  • Deodorant – A stick deodorant is also a good idea to reduce the liquids you’re carrying.
  • Razor - Disposable or electric razors are important if you think you’ll be needing a touch up while you’re away.
  • Body Lotion – You could get a refillable pump bottle for your favorite lotion or a travel size version of your brand. The same goes for sunscreen.
  • Pads / Tampons – Don’t forget to throw in a few pads or tampons in your toiletry bag to stay prepared for any emergencies.
  • Hair Serum – If you are going on a beach vacation, you would need a travel size anti-frizz hair serum to keep your locks under control.
  • Dry Shampoo – This one is great idea for those who are going backpacking or on a long road trip.
  • Hair Spray – Hair spray is a must if you want your hair look extra nice for special events.
  • Nail Clippers – You know never know when you’ll need them.
  • Facial Wipes – Travel size facial wipes will help you remove makeup at the end of a long day or for cleansing mid-day.
  • Hand Sanitizer – A travel-sized hand sanitizer in your purse or toiletry bag keeps you feel fresh all day.
  • Deodorant Wipes – Throw in a few deodorant wipes packets in your toiletry bag to feel fresh at any time of the day or in the evening.
  • Hair Ties or Scrunchies – You can always carry spare hair ties or scrunchies if you have long hair, especially if your keep miraculously disappearing too!

The Optional Stuff


If you are looking for a high-quality travel size bathroom bag or the best cosmetic and toiletry bag, check out Travel Badger for the best deals! Travel badger toiletry kits are pre-packed, TSA approved, easy-to-pack toiletry and travel kits that make passing through airport security quick and easy, not a chore.

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