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Study: 22% of Tumblr users go to a nude site, especially young girls

Age distribution of the various groups of producers and consumers of nude content on Tumblr (top) and Flickr (bottom). The average age, mean age, standard deviation and the proportion of underage users (under 18 years of age) are given. Source: Social Media nude article published in Proceedings of the 10th AAAI International Web and Social Media Conference. ICWSM 2016, arXiv: 1612.08157v2

Many users of the social network Tumblr already know that the website from 17 December 2018 prohibits the publication of nude on their platform. Site owners think they get better content in this way: see the blog post "Better, Positive Tumlr". However, some experts believe that with such actions Tumblr actually cuts the bitch he sits on - and this could be the beginning of the end of the social network that traditionally serves fans of "strawberries" and is largely identified with nude.

How much Tumblr nude? Last year it was tried by a group of researchers from the IMT Vocational School in Lucca, the Institute of Informatics and Technology in Pisa (both from Italy) and the Bell Labs. Her scientific article was published in January 2017. It turned out that about 22% of Tumlr users mostly see nude content on the website. Among them, the proportion of young girls is particularly high.

The study is based on the behavior of 130 million users, representing about half of the total Tumblr users. "About 30 million active accounts have either consumed or shared adult content or contaminated accounts of nude content producers," commented Luca Aiello, one of the authors of the study, and is now senior researcher at Nokia Bell Labs. "I'm assuming that [after the ban on nude] this audience will suffer a noticeable drop in participation: some will just disappear, and many will probably cut down on the site considerably."

In addition to 22% of active consumers, another 28% or around 40 million users inadvertently encountered nude on Tumblr. This means that they are not looking for nude, but have fouled someone who has published them. Probably someone from these "random viewers" complained about what he saw. Perhaps a large number of complaints were one of the reasons why Tumblr made this decision.

The study has shown that there are far more women among Tumblr users than in many social networks. Scientists estimate that the average age of users is 26, including 72% of women. At the same time, the most active group of nude consumers is a young woman between 20 and 25 years old. For example, the women's magazine Glamor Tumlr recommends its readers as a "safe place to find a nice nude on the internet".

The scientific article "Consumption of nude in Social Media" was published on January 20, 2017 on the Preprints website (arXiv: 1612.08157v2) and subsequently in the journal Proceedings of the 10th AAAI International Conference on Web and Social Media , ICWSM 2016.

Reddit enthusiasts desperately save nude with Tumblr

After the sad announcement by Tumblr, the Internet has reacted with predictable rage, writes The Next Web.

Special teams were organized on the famous Reddit website to get nude content from the platform. Since yesterday they started a stormy activity. The campaign was initiated by the user u / itdnhr: he alone saved 67,000 Tumblr nude accounts with all the content - and made a huge list. Then share the collected data in the r / datasets community. Like-minded people helped filter out inactive accounts, leaving 43,000 accounts with really relevant information.

Maintaining the Tumblr blog is not an easy task, let alone possible violations of the law. In the nude archive are now about 25 TB of data. The easiest solution would be to download as a torrent from, but downloading a file of this size is not easy.

It is unclear on which medium it should be stored: most users do not have sufficient storage space. Alternatively, it is suggested to divide the file into parts or distribute them via a single link or a set of links on a private server. But even if you divide the nude archive into 25 parts, downloading and saving a terabyte file is not fun for everyone. In addition, there is a risk that the archive will contain material for which there is a criminal liability for its storage and distribution in many countries of the world.

However, the legal risks do not reduce the enthusiasm in the largest Reddit community

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