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Step By Step Guidance To Apply For The Canada Job Search Visa

Canada is a beautiful country where people like to stay and enjoy forever. From the environment to the job opportunity, it a dreamland for the people will skill. If you have talent, skill, experience and qualification, then the Canada Job Search Visa is the best option for you to settle in the country. Canada is a friendly country for the immigrants as it welcomes more than 300,000 foreign workers who come under Temporary Work Permits. You only need an offer of employment from the Canadian employer to apply for the Job Search Visa.

There is a twofold process to grant permission for the Canadian Work Visa. First of all, the employer needs the approval of the government to hire worker outside Canada and then the candidate has to apply for the job permit to fulfill the dream. It is a two way process where the involvement of the employer and employee is equally important.

If you are interested to start your career in the country of the maple trees, then here is the perfect step by step guide to apply for the Canada Job Search Visa.

Step 1: Not all employers can hire employees from other countries as they have to apply and gain permission from the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire overseas temporary worker. However, there are a few situations for which Canadian immigration officials without LMIA requirement can issue work permit under Canada Job Search Visa such as international agreements, charitable work, reciprocal agreement, significant benefits and many more.

Step 2: After the LMIA is granted to the Canadian employer, they can offer a temporary job to the foreign worker. They need to send the aspirants a copy of granted LMIA certificate along with the job offer letter.

Step 3: With the help of all of the documents, the aspirant can apply for the Canada Job Search Visa. If the job location is in the province of Quebec, then the candidate also needs the Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec. Many professions in Quebec are facilitated and have streamlined processing.

Step 4: The official personnel from CBSA or Canada Border Service Agency will issue the Canada Work Permit to grant the aspirants permission to enter and work in the country.

If the employee wants to change the job as well as the employer, then he or she has to apply again for a new work permit.

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