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Drew Schaefer- One of the Youngest Baseball Players


Not every kid grows up as being an engineer or doctor. Some of them have such potential to bring out something new and practical in life. They look forward to what their desire brings them into. Drew Schaefer is such a brilliant little boy who preferred playing baseball and building his future on this. He is a young baseball player who started playing at from the high school level and wants to take it to the college level as well as being a professional.

Drew Schaefer is a participant from different programs held on different teams. His main position is 1B along with some OF and pitches. Drew is one of the most talented 12u players you can ever encounter in the field. He has such baseball IQs that are no lesser than an adult baseball player carries. Drew’s plus skills in both his strengths and arms are incredible.


Not every kid grows up with such advanced talent as Drew Schaefer belongs to. He is really an asset to his country because he is going to be a successful baseball player in the long run. Players with this brilliancy definitely need more nurture from the beginning and they need to grow more passion within to reach what they dream of.

Smartness, Excellency, and strengths of his moves and activities during the game time have something that is worth praising. Every coach wishes to have players like Drew in his team. He needs to get stronger, faster, and continue his playing like this because this kind of brilliance is also needed in the industry. Not necessarily, every kid should grow as the regular educated, tip-top, and highly knowledgeable in their lives but doing something exceptional also has the same importance.


Drew Schaefer is building up his future life with better training, support, and observation. This is not stopping him from continuing his education rather he is a multitalented kid. Being at the age of only 12years old, he has seen success in his life. This has not just nothing but great achievements in life. Kids with talents need to be trained from the beginning to bring out the potential. This 12year old boy Drew from Florida has just accomplished some successful matches and he is definitely going to meet the entire world pretty soon.

A coach could not ask for a better player as well as a person like Drew Schaefer on his team. Kids generally don’t show up with such confidence in front of the audiences but when they do, they make changes around. This kid is going to be the next popular international categorized baseball player if he is given the perfect opportunities.

Drew Schaefer is a good teammate, a good leader, respectful to everybody, and simply awesome in the field and in his personal life. To ensure his brighter future within times, give him opportunities to enroll in the baseball industry.

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