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5 Most Haunted Places In New Jersey Only Daredevils Must Visit

New Jersey, also known as the Garden State of the US is best known for the production of corn, blueberries, and tomatoes. Although, there is no doubt that New Jersey has many delicious delicacies. Apart from the food, this beautiful city has many things to offer such as sandy beaches, busy roads, and an intense political conundrum that will leave you amused!

However, the beauty of the state plays a very important role in the general perception but there are few supernatural aspects too that surround the state. If you ever visit New Jersey and wish to explore the city streets then you can get a car from one of the best limo service provider in Westfield, NJ.

Moreover, if you like to discover haunted places then you can visit one of these locations that are highlighted below: 

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital 

You must have seen in the movies that a group of friends visit a closed psychiatric hospital and end up being killed by ghosts! This actually tries because psychiatric hospitals tend to attract a lot of negative energies. These hospitals are the attraction of evil to the place that gives way to hauntings. 

Although, there were many psychiatric hospitals in New Jersey that have been demolished. However, the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital remains like it was. It was considered that the hospital’s director Dr. Henry Cotton believed that patients can be cured of their mental illness by removing their organs. He used to indulge in many malpractices on patients without using any anesthesia. 

Due to these many patients died and the hospital became haunted. Till today, you could hear screams and could see shadowy figures every now and then. Some believe that the souls of those who died on his table are trapped there. 

Burlington County Prison 

As the name suggests, this was a prison which was in operation from 1811 to 1965. Today, this place is transformed into a museum which made the murders and executions concrete in this place, with stains of blood on the walls. The most active spots are the basement and the death cell. Many reports say that disembodied screams, feeling watched, certain cold spots, strange noises of machinery moving, etc. can be heard till today. 

Lambertville High School 

It is a very common phenomenon for old schools to be haunted, so is this school. It was the year 1935 when the tragedy happened were a student of a rival school died. This student died during the annual Thanksgiving ‘Turkey Bowl’ football game. He died due to a broken neck from a rough tackle. After that, the game was banned from the school by a petition filed from his parents. 

The school was closed in the 50s and unnatural deaths and sightings have been seen ever since. This school is one of the most visited haunted places in New Jersey for Halloween. 

The Devil’s Tree 

It is not an ordinary tree, it is said that a farmer that lived nearby, took his family to the tree and murdered them all and after that, he committed suicide by hanging himself to the tree. Since then, there have been multiple murders and suicides around the tree. 

Devil’s Tower

This magnificent tower might look like cordial which was build by plantation owner Manuel Rionda for his wife. It was built to give her wife a panoramic view of New York City. 

She was once looking from the tower and saw her husband with another woman. This drove her to jump off the tower and meet her tragic death. After that, many attempts were made to demolish the tower but workers have known to die due to strange circumstances. Hence, the tower remains with the agony of Mrs. Rhonda’s dwelling there.

So, if you wish to visit this place then you can get a car from one of the car rentals in Westfield, New Jersey.

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