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Bamboo sheets vs. cotton sheets- which one to prefer?


Arguments may go on about which one is better – cotton bedsheets or bamboo bedsheets. But to know the facts, you have to consider the reasons why the majority of people prefer bamboo sheets. Of course, there are reasons behind the preference. However, some of the people are at a loss of what to do when they are to select the best one. Thus, some of the critical comparisons are here. The facts will help to decide the best one. Here they are.


Firstly, the bamboo sheets last longer than the cotton sheets. When you are selecting a cotton sheet for your bed, you are unaware of how long it will last. But the bamboo sheets come with an assurance that they will last longer. Usually, they do last longer over the cotton sheets. When you are cleaning a cotton sheet, it may get untoward damage or tear up anywhere. But the sheets with bamboo are not like them.      

Color Preference

When it is about the choice of color, you may not get a variety of cotton. However, the choices are different for the bamboo sheets. They come in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors. When you are selective in terms of color, the bamboo sheets would be more suitable than cotton. The kinds of cotton come with white and a few other hues.


Some of the people might find cotton fabrics comfortable for sleeping. The view is opposed by many other people who have ideas about bamboo sheets. They find the bamboo sheets more comfortable as those are eco-friendly and breathable. Besides, the fabrics are softer and help sleep better. The users can have a sound sleep for a long time.

Price matters

At the same time, price is another issue to consider. When you are comparing the costs of cotton and bamboo sheets, you will find that the bamboo sheets are cheaper than the cotton. Though the kinds of cotton cannot provide the right types of comfort all the time and cause sweat while sleeping, they are pricy. But the scenario is the opposite of the bamboo sheets. They are cheaper and reliable. 

Considering the grounds above, it appears that the bamboo sheets are better to have a night of sweet sleep. Generally, people prefer cotton as those are easily available. But the demands of bamboo sheets are also on the rise as people are aware of their benefits now.

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