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Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review – AB-Airfryer100B

The most important factor I made with my Avalon Bay Air Fryer was guilt-free spud chips! They were easy to make and tasty too. The chips were clean, delightful to make without oil! In less than 20 minutes, I made a batch and my family devoured them all! Following that, I tried barbequed cheese and mozzarella stays. So fast, really easy. Our 12yr old is currently learning to use the Airflow Fryer too. Its recently been very useful for after school snacks. Besides the mozzarella sticks, we’ve used it for soft pretzels, frozen burritos, fries, tater tots, calamari strips, and tacos bowls(flour tortilla). Occasionally you don’t want to or can’t turn on the oven and await it to preheat just so you can make 2 servings of fries. Air Fryer heats fast and cooks in less time than your oven! I have also found that individuals are using the microwave less and the Air Fryer more. One of my favourite uses was going to reheat leftover Chinese remove. Formerly our leftovers were either soggy from the microwave or it made a sticky mess in a skillet. I put the chicken (top right corner of photo) on some evade and reheated for around 6-7 minutes. The chicken stayed crisp and it tasted delicious!

The Avalon Bay AirFryer Review is also great for making small batches of meatballs, deep-fried zucchini and chicken tenders. After i found out that you can bake in it, I was very intrigued! I thought, “Wow! It's like having an Easy Bake Oven for Grownups! ” We made cinnamon rolls and cupcakes! Can you believe it?! My oldest had recently been working on small batch cupcake recipes. The Air Fryer is perfect when you only want to make 2 cupcakes! I have a directory of other foods and recipes that I actually intend to try in my Air Fryer and I won’t stop until We try them all!

Up to now, I’ve been successful in everything I’ve tried apart from for two things. The first was Roasted Brussel Sprouts. The failure was due to my own problem. I just set the timer and then obtained sidetracked. I experimented with my own as well as temp setting and missed the mark. Turns out I actually left them in too much time and the Brussel Seedlings were a little “too roasted”. Next time I actually will modify the temp and watch them more carefully until I have perfected them. The second error I made was with my first group of cupcakes. I must have had too little batter in my line and baked them too long because they were also overcooked. Again, this was my own error. The second batch was much better!

What I really like about the Avalon Bay Air Fryer:

It's very versatile. I can fry, grill and bake in just one appliance.

Perfect for cooking food in smaller batches without waiting for your oven to preheat at a higher temp.

Simple to use and contains cooking instructions right on the most notable.

Clean up is so easy and the basket is dishwasher safe. Eliminate extra pan clean up too!

You can enjoy toast foods without added olive oil, fat and calories.

That is an affordable investment.

Ideal for RVs! Limited room? No problem! This one product will take the spot of at least 2!
Will not heat up your kitchen in the hot summer! (Especially if you're in Arizona or The state of Nevada, this will change your summer cooking! )

Perfect if you are food preparation for just 1 or 2! No need to waste energy by heating up a major oven for a smaller quantity of food. Cook in your Air Fryer instead!

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