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Here Are Some Of The Best Expert Tips To Decorate Your Dream Home

Here Are Some Of The Best Expert Tips To Decorate Your Dream Home

In a country with 1.3 billion people (as of 2018) and still counting, the dream to own a house is yet to be a reality for many. The primary reason behind this issue is the rising prices of real estate.

At present, there is a shortage of about 20-25 million residential properties as compared to the demand. This disparity in supply and demand boosts the price of properties even further. With this in mind, leading NBFCs offer financial assistance to indivduals who wish to redecorate their residential setup or wish to purchase a new one across minimum documentation.

How to Fund Home Purchase and Refurbishment?

A home loan is the most convenient way to secure credit for house purchase. Leading financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv offer Home Loans that come with high loan amounts, top-up loans, zero charges on part-prepayment or foreclosures, easy balance transfer facility, PMAY, etc.

These reputed financial institutions also provide feature-loaded house refurbishing loans that provide ample credit amount to cover the purchase of home decor items. Using this loan amount, homeowners can redecorate their homes as per their requirements without having to dip into their budget.

Here are some popular home decor ideas in India to redecorate and personalise your living space. All the furnishings mentioned here can be listed under home decor must-haves available at an affordable rate.

# Tips 1 – Decorate and Paint Before Shifting

Homeowners need to ready their new residence before they move in. Post-shifting, painting or decorating it becomes a challenging work due to busy daily routines. In case the expenditure becomes unbearable as it follows the hefty investment of a home purchase, a home renovationloan can come to your aid.

Reputed NBFCs provide home refurbishing loans that provide adequate amounts to finance a significant part of the expenses involved. These expenditures may include remodelling of the kitchen, flooring, repairing the plumbing system, fixing a leakage, painting etc.

The loan amount can be repaid through easy EMIs over flexible tenor options of up to 20 years.

With the help of such credits, homeowners would not need to put unnecessary stress on their budget during a home renovation.

# Tips 2 – Choose Lighter Furniture

While purchasing furniture, homeowners need to ensure that the furniture they choose is lighter in weight. This is because changing the position of furniture lends in a new look to the room. It is one of the best inexpensive home decor items for renovation and ensures that the home does not require frequent revamp.

# Tips 3 – Opt for Complementary Lighting Choices

Ideally, you should opt for lighting options that highlight the refurbishments and do not overshadow it. One can choose to go for chandeliers, lamps, or decorative wall scones with the help of funds acquired through refurbishing loans.

# Tips 4 – Lookout for Trendy Multi-Purpose Seating Options

While integrating seating arrangements, it is always suggested that one opts for versatile furniture or accessories which provide versatility of usage. One may go opt for ottomans with built-in storage or an easy-to-fold bed that acts as a couch.

Beside these points you must also consider room partition ideas when decorating a home. Apart from the home decor items mentioned above, one can also opt to decorate their home with customised art pieces, drapes, or accent pieces – the options are endless. Additionally, you can also ask for the expert assistance of a proficient interior designers, which shouldn’t be a financial burden since the home renovation loan covers most of your other costs.

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