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9 erotic games to boost your libido

You can use sex toys, make love in unusual places, experiment with new positions. But to go further, we can imagine other erotic games. Original stagings that will help you "become someone else" the time of your hugs. This is a great way to free yourself from your apprehensions: here you can have a completely different personality from the one you wear during the day, in front of others.

1. The game of the washing machine repairman

Your ring and a pretty woman receives you. "Hello ma'am, I'm coming to fix your piping problem" (OK, that you do not have to, but you see the kind). The flow goes well between you; you discuss things and others, the machine almost repaired, the weather and you both go to where you want to go!

Is the ideal to make a little longer the "we start or not"? You first fulfill your role of repairer by really starting to fiddle with the washing machine. Madam looks at you; you are close. Essential to raising the desire.

With this naughty game, we are in the theme of light sex. This is the fantasy of surprise. I like you, I love you, and we do not take the head. And often, it's much better at stake than if it happened!

2. The game of the hitchhiker

You can play it "in real life" with your car if you have spotted a quiet and somewhat isolated place to stop near the edge of the road. But if you have a little imagination, you can also play at home!

You are free to vary the pleasures: you play the flirty trying to seduce her, or, on the contrary, it is the young woman who is enterprising! In all cases, the idea of instant sex, promiscuity, and confinement in a very narrow enclosed space create a direct link.

3. The game of the teacher and the student

It's a classic. These may be private lessons that "degenerate" and it's often fascinating. Many young girls started falling in love and fantasizing about one of their teachers. But this time, the teacher is you!

After, you can just as easily reverse the roles: the teacher can be feminine. Seduction can start with the student or the teacher. And the other can resist a little or a lot before surrendering.

There is a kind of domination report in this naughty scenario. You evolve in the register of the Pygmalion: "I can teach you everything in private lessons: piano, violin, maths, English, sailing, swimming and why not sex!" And if we assume that the student has no sexual experience and discovers everything, it's very funny!

4. The game of the jailer and the prisoner

Again, we can talk about the relationship of domination. You are in your cell, punished, under surveillance. You depend on your jailer and you like her a lot. From there, everything is allowed or almost: the prisoner seduces the jailer to obtain benefits, or the prisoner is seduced for fear of reprisals.

It can be a bit sadomasochistic (with or without handcuffs), or just like a love story, it depends on how you play it!

Of course, you can also play the role of the prison guard and that of the naughty girl locked up!

5. The game of the luxury call girl and the client

So, at first, it may seem weird. But the idea is not to turn Madame into a prostitute. Imagine instead in the roles of Gad Elmaleh and Audrey Tautou in the movie Hors de Prix, for example.

Madam is so beautiful and so expert that you are ready to pay a lot to make love to her! This can be very rewarding for a woman, allow her to dress very sexy, and to behave sexually very differently from what she is usually.

To go further, you can even meet up in a luxurious bar for the meeting, play your role and take her home (or to the hotel) then to consume!

6. The game of the robot forced to do everything she is told

Sorry, but you can leave your Transformers in your toy box. Here, the robot is you. Or her. And when you're a robot, you have no choice but to obey your "master." This last specifies the words that the robot has the right to pronounce, announces the gestures that this one must make to give pleasure. The robot can not take any initiative. The master (or mistress) leads the game, and the robot obeys!

You guessed it, here, this staging gives pride of place to "all power." You will be able to let all your desires come true finally! Or be the slave of someone to whom you want to give pleasure. And it's still better than making love with a robot - yes, it seems the future!

7. The Sleeping Beauty game that you wake up

Change of register with a scenario much more romantic. The beauty is in a very deep sleep, and only a very able prince charming can bring it out. And not sure that a simple kiss is enough.

This is a very practical game because the beautiful lies directly on a bed! It's comfortable for the next events. And all the more exciting that it takes time to react to the caresses and kisses of his prince!

With this game, you will be able to demonstrate how the man in love knows how to awaken the desire. It is a theme as old as the world: the day when Prince Charming appears, the passion, the pleasure is at the rendezvous because the body wakes up finally!

8. The game of the dancer or stripper

Exhibitionism and voyeurism, in all that they have healthy and natural! Everyone likes to look at each other's body or feel it looked and desired because sight is one of the senses that participate most in desire and pleasure.

To reinforce the sexual tension, Madam can forbid you to touch her.

9. The game where I force you to make love with me

Wait, do not shout immediately at the scandal! If, in reality, it is a reprehensible act, in the fantasy, the game, the meaning is different. In the real world, compelling others is aggression, rape.

In the game, on the contrary, it means: "You are so desirable that I can not resist you, you have such power over me that I want you at all costs." And for a woman, it can be very liberating. She can indulge in things she never dared since she has to.

Be careful, we tell you again: this must always remain a game, and both partners must be consenting to the scenario. Otherwise, it could become very unpleasant.

Our advice to take full advantage

pretty girl

To play a role play, you can decide to plan your scenario in great detail. Knowing your role, you feel safer! It is even possible to write the dialogs in advance.

Conversely, some prefer to improvise on a frame. With a little practice, you will feel more and, and you will move away from more quickly from what is planned.

Also, plan to talk about what you do not want. It's still a game; you must never feel manipulated or forced to do something you do not like.

Choosing a game is not always easy. Choose a scenario that appeals to you both. In this respect, be very attentive to the desires of your partner. What makes him (or her) fantasize, dream, are perhaps small details that do not matter to you but are vital for him (or her)!

If everything went well the first time, do not necessarily try to vary the games. When we experiment with the one we like, we can play dozens of times with all kinds of variants. You should not be bored right away.

When you talk about staging, nothing forces you to predict something "grandiose": adapted clothes, place chosen. You can also do more sober and play at home in the usual dress. What matters is to stimulate the imagination. For this, the accessories are useful, but not necessarily essential!

Lastly, do not ever think that you have to be up to sexually. Here, the goal is to have fun together. If you focus on performance, it will be a failure for sure!

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