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FIFA 20 will be revealed very soon indeed

We’re well into 2019, and it’s almost time to hear about the next iteration in the FIFA franchise. FIFA 20 will be revealed very soon indeed, though thanks to a recent blog post from EA, and some teases, we have a good idea as to what to expect from FIFA 20. In this FIFA 20 Everything We Know Guide, we’ll be taking a look at the predicted release date for FIFA 20. We’ll also detail some of the changes that are being implemented for FIFA 20, and look ahead to the FIFA 20 reveal event.

Lots of work is being done on making passing and shooting more realistic, EA says, especially when it comes to difficult strikes. Volleys will be more variable and less accurate, for example, while 180° and first-time passes will result in "slower/weaker balls." To compensate, easy situation passes will now be more accurate. Two new passing options will also be introduced: the driven pass-and-go (which will replace the current manual pass button combo) and the dinked pass, which will cease to be an automatic, contextual pass variant and instead be user-controlled only.

As for the upcoming changes, the developer is putting particular attention to EA Sports FIFA 20 A.I. defending. EA said that A.I defending was “point of community concern” during FIFA 19. With that in mind, the following changes have been made to EA Sports FIFA 20. And if you don't have enough time to play FIFA 20 and earn coins, provides Cheap FIFA 20 Comfort Trade for you.

The changes to AI defending are perhaps the headline here. The defending systems are being renewed, EA said, with revised positioning and adjustment "to the cadence and flow on the pitch". Crucially, "manual defending will be emphasised and result in more rewarding results for those who do so".

There's a new "planned tackling" system, too, that favours manual tackling by making sure the defender that tries the tackle does so "in a favourable context to your team". EA provides the example of recovering the ball or kicking the ball to a nearby teammate when tackling.And it sounds like EA is nerfing auto-tackling and auto-block. "This will make manual defending not only more effective, but also more rewarding."

FIFA players who enjoy the rush of breezing past multiple opponents using skill moves will have to be prepared to up their game in FIFA 20.Using skill moves is set to get harder in the next edition, with EA Sports indicating that chances of error increase "exponentially" when chaining more than two skill moves together.

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