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Describing How SMS Marketing Is good For Your Company

Describing How SMS Marketing Is good For Your Company

In today's world, mobile has become a great marketing channel just because of the functionality of SMS(Short Message Service). And that's why every marketer is saying that mobile is the future of marketing. We completely recognize that clients convey their cell phones with them all over the place and it is a well-known fact that mobile devices drive more traffic to websites than bigger screens like tablets and desktops.

Still, it can be said SMS marketing is not yet fully utilized by the businesses. In Salesforce, businesses have adopted "360 SMS App" as the best marketing and communicating medium with the clients. Through this, they are able to send SMS from the Salesforce platform.

So, here we are describing some of the benefits of using the SMS as a marketing tool in your business -

1. More than ninety-five percent open rate -

It is a true fact that SMS is having an open rate of more than 95%. And the brands that are effectively running projects on the SMS channel are exceedingly mindful of that open rate, and that is driven by the ROI returning from this channel.

From other marketing channels like email- marketing. you will never get that type of result from emails. Essentially, with every one of the calculations and variables that influence which messages are seen, you will find that even social media marketing can't beat that number. This makes SMS marketing exceptional.

2. Messages are opened within three minutes after received -

Almost ninety percent of text messages are open with 3-4 minutes after receiving. This shows that SMS is a hugely effective channel to promote services and products. You can Send bulk SMS to the highly targeted clients by using the 360 SMS App - Salesforce SMS App.

3. For a successful SMS campaign, you must be informative -

That totally true, for a successful SMS campaign, you must be informative in the SMS that you are sending to the clients, not just a promotional message. The users don't want to read the promotional message, rather they want to the text to be informative, then only they will click on the link of the service or product you have mentioned. So, be informative, and also be promotional, but a little bit.

4. Mobiles are now the best marketing medium.

This is because the most used marketing channel to increase brand awareness among clients is mobile through SMS marketing. And the marketers should keep it in mind and try using it in their marketing strategy.

For running SMS marketing in Salesforce, companies utilize Salesforce SMS App, in order to communicate, interact, and send bulk SMS to the possible clients. This Salesforce SMS App provides all the functionalities and features by which you can run SMS campaigns from the Salesforce technology. You can choose from hundreds of templates, include a hyperlink in the text messages you are sending to the potential clients. 

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