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Types Of Funeral

Types Of Funeral

Organizing funeral services in Melbourne involves first finding the most suitable funeral home in Melbourne. It is a good way to honor a loved one. It is common etiquette to dress conservatively. In general, the first few rows of a church or a venue are meant for close family and friends. It is not good to be late to a funeral or showing up too early. Feel free to bring kids or laugh at a funeral in case of a joke during a eulogy. However, the use of mobile phones especially posting about the funeral on social media may be frowned upon.

This article goes on to describe different types of funerals and common methods of including a tribute.

Types of Funerals

  •  Tribute (celebration of life):  A funeral is a healing process and a method of honoring a loved one. Organizing a tribute is a form of celebration of life. It is possible to organize a funeral and tribute in many different ways. The ceremony can be held outside the funeral home, at a restaurant, a park, a pub, or a place of worship. The tribute can be arranged as either a personal, traditional, eco-sensitive or basic one. 
  •  Police or Fire Services: These are special funerals and are meant for fallen members of the fire or police departments. This type of funeral is popular in many countries around the world especially the USA and Canada. It typically involves a parade and honor guard from the official force.
  •  Masonic: This type of funeral is usually for a Mason or a family member and can be held at the graveside or any other place. It is a Masonic custom to wear a hat hence it is considered fine to do so.
  •  Jazz: This is usually a type of funeral for an African-American and common in the USA. It includes music from a brass band as well.
  •  Civil: Civil funeral is an alternative to the religious one or humanist ceremony. It is popular in the UK and it may also contain religious content.

Tributes at a Funeral

A funeral is a good opportunity to organize a tribute for a loved one. The family and friends get a chance to reflect on the loss of a close friend or relative. It brings all concerned together to share old memories either from old scrapbooks or a family album.

Paying a tribute is a good healing process as well and it helps to make the tribute meaningful and unique to the life of their person. It is fine to show a little creativity when it comes to preparing the tribute. In fact, discussing this matter with other friends and family or even arranging a brain-storming session is healthy.

There are many methods of preparing; one can make use of music, visual aids, readings, etc. during the funeral itself. A personalized tribute can include writing an obituary and publishing it in a newsletter or a website. It can also include a video presentation, slideshow of photos, displaying popular work like art literature of the person who has passed away. At times, some also prefer to include a personalized floral arrangement.

Fancy Tributes

Funeral services in Melbourne can be straightforward with a simple tribute or one with a fancy tribute. Here are some examples of those in the past:

  • A funeral of an Ice Cream man included the funeral procession lead by an ice cream truck and also an ice cream treat.
  • A tribute to a marathon runner involved everyone jobbing behind the hearse to the cemetery.

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