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Things Every Hotel Owners Should Know About Tax Depreciation

Things Every Hotel Owners Should Know About Tax Depreciation

Years after another, predictions have been made concerning the financial development of hotels in Australia. The hotel sector is booming today because of the developmental activities undertaken in the past few years. One of the reasons behind the success in this sector is undoubtedly the aspect of tax depreciation Gold Coast.

Hotel owners are accustomed to the tax depreciation every financial year. Since many of us are unaware of its benefits, we end up missing out thousands of dollars. Knowing a few things about tax depreciation can help us in making better financial decisions every year while managing hotel business.

Tax depreciation and its definition

New business owners are usually unaware of the term tax depreciation. It is an essential factor concerning tax returns under specific regulations of a particular state or country. This term is highly beneficial for business owners.

Australian regulation, namely ATO (Australian taxation office) has allowed the property owners to have depreciation claimed under specific rules. In simple term, depreciation literally means a decrease in asset value caused mainly due to factors such as currency, equipment, and poor market conditions.

Renovation of old hotels

According to the Australian taxation law, the property or the hotel owners can claim the deductions on the commercial aspects built after a specific date. That date had been considered as 20th July 1982. That means the claim can be entitled even if renovations had taken place under the reign of previous owners. However, we can claim the depreciation amount over equipment and plants without considering the property age.

Surveyor will be responsible for inspecting the particular property before finalizing the tax depreciation claim. They will take pictures of the items that have been added for remove in recent years.

During the renovation period, the owners are accustomised to depend on these surveyors. It is specifically helpful after the renovation of the hotel or a specific property. If any item is removed, it can be added as a deducted thing from the particular building.

Who can claim the depreciation?

Not everyone is entitled to have depreciation claim on the property and assets. In reality, the tenants and owners can go for depreciation after the renovation is done.

During the renovation period of the hotel, the main things can be added to the property. It can include carpet, equipment, furniture, shelves, bed, and even a security system. Generally, commercial tenants are entitled to have such a claim. On the other hand, the hotel owners can also claim depreciation on the newly installed assets. However, it is not just limited to the new installation. Other aspects, such as items that the previous tenants of the hotel have left behind can also be added to the list of claims.

At times, lease conditions are also involved in the depreciation period. The tenants are usually expected to return the hotel in its original state. The surveyors are engaged in covering things that have been removed during renovation.

What can be depreciated?

Even though tax depreciation can be claimed on certain things, not everything can be considered to be under the reign of this specific law. According to the Australian rules, the property that is not owned by the individual businessman cannot consider depreciation. On the other hand, if a particular businessman is not using a small aspect of the entire hotel property for producing income, he can only use the part that is used for business for depreciation purpose.


The property valuation Gold Coast experts of the Australian Valuers firm ensures to provide you with all the facilities for surveying the hotel property after renovation. Most of us even take advantage of this aspect by openly approaching them for the claim. Indeed, some rules are available that make things harder for an individual that aims to do it all on their own.

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