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5 Ballroom Dance Positions And Steps That You Should Know

Learning how to perfect your ballroom moves requires a lot of practice. There are many steps to learn if you want to dance like a professional. If you are interested to learn this type of dance and looking to learn ballroom dancing near me, here are a few basic steps that you should know:

It all starts from the posture

Ballroom dancing in one type of dance that requires you to maintain certain body postures. The head, shoulders, ribcage, hips, and legs are all connected, but make sure that they should not be tight. When you scoop your legs on the floor, they are supposed to move like scissors. Your stomach muscles should pull in and shoulders should lower down. Try to lengthen your spine by lifting your chest. Make sure that you keep a natural curvature to the spine and do not tuck your hips in too far. Once your posture is perfect, you can make ballroom dancing look graceful, effortless, and elegant.


In this step, there is a sequence of two steps involved called a ball-change. A partial weight transfer on the ball of a foot, followed by a step on the other foot. The action is counted &1, or &2, or a1, or a2, etc., that is, the "ball" step splits off the end of the previous beat and changes to the other.

One-Hand Hold Position

In the one-hand hold, only one hand is held, hence the name. It begins in the open facing position (facing your partner within arm’s reach). To enter the one-hand hold position, grasp your partner’s hand and leave the other hand relaxed at your side.

Closed Position

This is another common in ballroom dancing position. In this style, the partners stand close enough to each other so that their bodies touch, but slightly off to the left. This also enables each dancer's right foot to step between their partner's feet. In the closed position, the male partner rests his right hand on the female partner's back while holding her right hand with his left hand. The female partner places her left hand on the male partner's upper arm.

Promenade Position

In the promenade position, you will see that both partners face the same direction instead of facing one another. Their bodies form a sort of "V" shape. The promenade is a forward movement. Since the dancers are facing in the same direction, both move forward at the same time.

While looking to learn ballroom dancing near me, you can also consider trying the above-mentioned basic steps.

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