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How to Find and Remove Bad Backlinks

Bad backlinks are also termed as low-quality links and are very common in the online marketing field. Google is continuing to update its algorithm so as to offer amazing exposure for its users, traditional practices in SEO and buying of links are nowadays being penalized. Some of the SEO techniques have resulted in many websites being ranked at the bottom of the search engine return pages and are unable to find their way back to the top. For most of the website owners, it means starting from scratch and establishing their quality once again.

Buying backlinks used to be one of the techniques site owners used in order to realize returns using the shortest time possible, but with the current search engine algorithms, you have to evade these low-quality links at all costs. The unnatural link contributes to the downfall of your website as well as its relevance and ranking in SERPs. So what mechanisms can you use to identify low-quality links? Which procedures will you follow in order to get rid of these backlinks so as to redeem your website? In this article, we are going to emphasize the steps and tricks that can be adhered to so as to get rid of these backlinks and also prevent them from landing into our pages.

Good links differentiate themselves from bad ones depending on the nature of the site they originated from. Low-quality links can be spotted easily, what you have to is to find the website the link is coming from and get to understand what it comprises of and whether the availability of the link there would damage your credibility.

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How to Remove Bad Quality Backlinks

Most of the website owners are now able to differentiate good backlinks from bad ones. Once you have identified the bad ones and you want to remove them, the question is how will you remove them? There are numerous methodologies you can use to deactivate these links without negatively affecting your rating.

Talk to the owner

It's one of the simplest methods of getting rid of the bad backlinks. You will just have to contact the website owner and request him to remove the link. Sometimes you may come across webmasters who seek payments so as to get rid of the link, there are also others who don't respond to your request. You should not pay for the link to be removed instead you can disavow the link you are not comfortable with

Start over

If the issue is too big and it requires a lot of resources and time in order to be solved, then you may opt to close the site and start afresh. This should be the last option when everything is not working. But before reaching this decision you should first make consultations with an SEO company for professional advice or by contacting a freelance SEO expert to find out if there are possibilities for the recovery of the site.

Disavow everything

If there are plenty of bad backlinks and you are not getting the needed help from webmasters, you may solely ignore the links, which is all about conveying a report to Google requesting them not to consider those links when your website is being assessed for the purpose of gauging. 

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