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How to Use Bidet Toilet Seat Properly


Simply, a bidet toilet seat is a bathroom fitting used for making yourself clean with water after having a trip to the toilet. This is somewhat the alternative to the toilet papers. This smart toilet seat has been using in most of the houses because this is convenient. The bidet attaches on top of the toilet by replacing the existing toilet seat. There are more advanced features such as internal water heater, memory settings, heated seats, warm air dryers, etc. You might feel shy to ask about how to use it every time you go to the bathroom but this article is going to help you with fine answers.

If you have a bidet toilet seat in your bathroom, you have to sit comfortably on the heated seat. Don’t worry about hygiene because it is kept clean automatically. The bidet nozzle is retracted inside the seat until you press the wash button. The nozzle’s position and spray are adjusted to be out of the way of dirty water when you start your wash.

When you are done in the bathroom and need to use the bidet function on the toilet seat, simply press the “Wash” button. This buttons will be found on the remote control or panel of the bidet toilet seat attachment. The spray nozzle will remain beneath you. If you feel uncomfortable in the first place to use the bidet seat, you can test the pressure, temperature, and different angles with your hands.

By the time the bidet begins spraying you, adjust the spraying point to hit the right spot so it becomes comfortable for you. You can customize your spray settings according to your comfort. The water pressure, water temperature, spray width, nozzle position, etc. can be adjusted during the wash on the control panel.

After having your wash completed, press the “Stop” button on the remote control panel. The nozzle will automatically clean itself and slide back into the seat. Some bidet toilet seats feature warm air dryers. To use the dryer, press “Dry” button on the remote control panel and this will take a few minutes to dry out. To know more about bidet toilet seats, you can visit

Moreover, bidet toilet seats are considered as the smartest way compared to toilet paper use. Those are old-fashioned now but bidet seats are clean and hygienic for your health. You can install this in your bathroom for convenient use.

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