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Appoint financial power of attorney to deal with Investments and Finances

You may be very adept in making choices today but there may come a time when making a personal decision related to finances and health may not be possible for you. At that moment, a sensible judgement of a person who can take a call on your behalf has to be made. You may not be able to make that crucial decision in future but someone has to do it for you, so choose someone who you can depend on totally!

Many times decisions regarding medical treatment, investments, financial and estate matters, or just legally representing another person need to be taken, and these details can be organised to perfection with help of a knowledgeable lawyer. A legal document that is drawn up to hand over “power to act” to another person (agent) by the principal holder who is unable to handle matters efficiently due to some reason. A financial power of attorney lawyer can make this legal document keeping all the judicial laws and regulations of the State and country in mind.

The financial power of attorney will deal with bill payments, managing investments and organising finances appropriately. Do you want your power of attorney to end in case of disability or incapacitation? If yes you need to take a non-durable power of attorney or ordinary power of attorney.

If you want the power to get into effect under all kinds of accentuating circumstances you need to get a durable financial power of attorney, who can take decisions about your legal affairs, finances, investments, living arrangements, medical treatments and procedures on your behalf even if you are incapacitated. Every State has different laws and legal formalities to adhere to and a financial power of attorney lawyer is well aware of all these judicial Nitti-gritties and is knowledgeable enough to make the right decision for you. The power of attorney is drawn up according to the laws of the State.

When a person is given this legal authority he or she becomes a trusted agent and has to take up various responsibilities and duties as well. The agent holds loyalty and a legal duty towards the person who has handed over the power of attorney as well as a duty towards the document delegations. All the financial dealings will be handled by the trusted agent and he will conduct all finance and estate related decisions in the absence of the principal. Handling financial matters is not an easy job and demands a lot of commitment and knowledge; it cannot be taken easily and casually.

The agent’s authority is documented and when this evidence is presented in front of a third party, the agent can dictate terms and take action like signing judicial papers, withdrawing money, operating bank accounts, maintain transactions, records and deal with real estate and property. The trustworthy agent appointed by you needs to be legally of age and has to be of a sane mind and disposition. He or she will take actions for your benefit and in the best interest so that there is no conflict ever. However, an agent still has the potential to act unlawfully, so it is important to trust the person you select in this role. You may choose a financial power of attorney for a single deal or for all financial transactions, the decision is entirely yours!


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