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Smart Kitchen Appliances Influencing Kitchen Designs in Atlanta

Modern and Fast technologies have changed the game of the kitchen design over the last few years rapidly and significantly. With recent modern advancements, these developments have brought many positive changes inside the premises of the home and can turn the scale of kitchen designing for the future. With that, the kitchen renovations are on the rise and technology influence designs for kitchen cabinets in Atlanta, GA as well.

This article goes on to list some of the smart kitchen appliances and how they responsible for changing the way we work.

Smart Kitchen Appliances influencing the Kitchen design

  • Voice-controlled microwave, oven & dishwasher: There are several kitchen appliances that are now voice-controlled. This includes appliances like Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher. Such devices are changing the method in which one operates in the kitchen and thus beginning to influence the designs as well.
  • WIFI coffee machine: It is now possible to program the Coffee machine using a smartphone. Prepare a hot cup of coffee while still in bed or otherwise engaged. Since this involves added functionality and it is more convenient; it is changing the way we renovate our kitchen; influencing new ideas.
  • Smart kitchen thermometer: Many of us have now adopted a smartphone-operated thermometer to obtain the appropriate temperature. This coupled with a smart oven that can be programmed remotely to cook the right recipe, is playing a big role in changing the way we renovate our kitchen.
  • Smart fridge: The fridge is now smarter than it was before; it is not just another place to store food and keep it cool or something that is placed far from the cooking area that is rarely accessed while cooking. Will several new features including a control interface to monitor contents, surf the internet, watch videos and download recipes, it has become an integral part of the kitchen which demands a complete redesign of the kitchen to enjoy the true potential of this device.
  • Hi-tech kitchen scale: With more of us becoming fitness freaks and making use of a plethora of gadgets, there is yet another one available, the kitchen scale. The more advanced one can sync with our smartphone and transmit detailed information on the product placed on the scale. This is a boon to those watching their calories. However, devices like these are greatly influencing the way we work in the kitchen and thus, effectively influence our kitchen design as well.

The Evolving Kitchen Design

It is amazing how modern technology has crept into our lives. For example, it was hard to imagine high-speed Internet access and WIFI technology as late as 2000. However, 20 years later one cannot imagine life without access to the Internet. Almost every device uses the Internet and kitchen devices are no exception.

The advancements in technology have been rapid in all fields includes the kitchen appliances and they have become a part of our daily use in a very subtle manner and it is also something that cannot do without anymore. It is now possible to control the kitchen appliances from any corner of the house, and even when not in the house. Smart appliances also mean smart storage solutions thus, influencing the kitchen designs in Atlanta.

Thus, our modern living space including the kitchen is adapting to these new technological advancements just as fast as new technology is being introduced to suit our ways of living.

The way we work and how the kitchen looks is already very different from what it was a decade or so ago. The technological changes are being introduced at a rapid pace and hence it is hard to predict how it may affect our design in the future. However, it is safe to say that technology is influencing our design or every room in our house and that includes the kitchen as well. 

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