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Why is it Important to Have a PF Consultant

The entire process of making a wage register, making challans and making a 12 A for PF and submitting all eligible employees information on the ESI website, and registering them for the various benefits under the ESI Scheme, and so much more. All this is very difficult and time taking process for a lot of companies to take care of constantly. If you or your company hire a PF consultant, then a lot of things will be taken care of. This was just a small mention of the things they take of. These are the things that make it important for you to hire a PF consultant:

  • You Know What to Expect: You will contact a consultant and discuss exactly what needs to be done and you will pay for those services alone. This is not only saving you a lot of money (as opposed to an entire month's salary for another employee), you are also building a long term relationship with a consultancy which is taking care of all your worries for ESI and EPF. You can easily find a consultant through these HR outsourcing companies in Delhi will help you provide these services. 


  • Monthly Compliances Have to be Met With: If you are already covered the ESI or EPF Acts, or are nearing that employee count, you need to maintain a proper record and documentation of all the information of salaries going to each employees account. All this needs to be done on time and a consultant will help you fill up these monthly compliances on time so that you do not have to pay any penalty. 


  • You are Saving Money in the Long Run: A lot of responsibilities of the HR department is to take care of a lot of these ESi and EPF duties, and payroll processing. All this will be done for you at a much smaller price if you just hire a consultancy or an independent consultant to do all this work for you. This is why it becomes important to hire a consultant as they deal with the legal aspects of the company for you, giving you and your employee's benefits in the future. You can easily let them go once their work is done, as is done in most cases. They are hired on the basis of a contract. 


  • Further increase in "saving": When your employee count is up to 20, you have to get registered under the Provident Fund and ESIC Compliances. You have to add even your PF consultant as your 20th employee to make sure that you are not held up for short term compliance headache. When you are saving up on the "salary" of the consultant (as opposed to an employees' months' salary), it will help you save up for other avenues you may want to invest our money in for your company or office. 

When you have all these things in place and you are reaping so many benefits out of it, it makes it extremely important for you to hire a PF consultant

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