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Is Zoho Considered The Future Of Enterprise Software?

Many of the important questions usually arise while talking about enterprise software solutions. One of these kinds of question is whether Zoho is considered the future of enterprise software or not.

Further Discussion

There are many problems which are faced by the top tier of the enterprise software market. Also, in these days, the industry is possibly being bifurcated into two warring camps. So, it leads to the arising of specific cloud vendors such as Workday and also

Apart from that, it also includes moving to the cloud vendors including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Infor and many others. In this regard, the only thing they have common is the problem of retaining and acquiring talent which is only one ring that rules them all.


Zoho is mainly born in the cloud. Also, it is considered to be a private, profitable, customer-friendly and also involves offering a single price for using all its problems. This helps to successfully solve the talent-related problem. Apart from that, Zoho has also its teething problems.

But, there are some of the significant gaps in the core ERP and manufacturing is considered to be one of them. In this regard, there is also a lack of industry specific functionality. So, Zoho definitely has something for you whether you are a medium or small-sized business.


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