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The Ideal Perfume for your Personality

Whether you are looking for new smells as a treat for yourself, or as a gift for that special someone in your life, there are lots of tantalising scents around at the moment to choose from. The ingredients can help invigorate you to choosing a perfume to match your personality, or that of the person you are buying for.

If you are a lady who enjoys activities like a night out, and want to exhibit your playful nature and femininity, Loverdose by Diesel is one of the smells which releases an infusion of delicious perfumes such as liquorice, vanilla and mandarin. As a weapon of seduction, this will leave the men falling at your feet! The heart-shaped bottle with a dagger through the middle shows how much power this little number has.

Those ladies who are the other from bashful and settlement may enjoy the celebrity fragrance of Beyoncé's Heart cologne. The ingredients include citrus fruit, floral and orchard which will reflect your strong femininity and power, with a soft but powerful scent. If you have a personality which demands attention, this is the ideal cologne to help you stand right out of the crowd.

Flirty individuality, who enjoy using their femininity to their own advantage, will delight in the scent of scents such as Marc Jacobs, Also, Lola! The smells add the fruity fragrance of raspberry, with a vanilla twist to make it a cologne which will bring in anyone who passes across your way. DKNY Golden Delicious is also ideal for this type of personality, as it contains fresh and intoxicating ingredients, such as musk, vanilla, rose and lily.

If you are be prepared for a loving night in, Tresor Night time Rose cologne by Lancôme is a great choice. The bottle is womanly and classy, and is made up of mix of some delectable perfumes such as rose, vanilla, raspberry, jasmine and cedar. No one will be able to resist the allure of this tempting perfume.

As a general rule, ladies with a bold and sophisticated personality should choose scents which contain strong ingredients such as bergamot, cedar and orchard. If you want to exhibit your sensual side, you might wish to consider perfumes such as, musk, vanilla and seasonings, as these are all sensual and exotic ingredients, that is sure to leave an impression. Womanly and flirty ladies may enjoy the scent of perfumes such as, jasmine, rose and lavender.

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