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Perfect Placement of a Shower Rod

The Shower curtain rods prevent water from splashing up on your bathroom floor. This may appear incidental; but, it is going a long manner in protective the ground of yours from rot. To get with the resource of a long manner the most protection out of your shower rod, hang it in the proper area.

Right Placement of a Shower Rod Insllation

This isn’t technological know-how, but, you may find out a pair of factors to maintain in mind before you install.


The peak of the Shower rod placement is one of the most essential elements to mirror on attention on. They base this precise height at the length of the shower curtain. And so, examine it first after which diploma up the component of the shower wall to determine out in which you may region your rod.

Showers with shower pans

If the shower of yours has a Shower pan and no tub lip, the shower curtain runs the whole length from the ground to the roof of the rod. As a result, it’s miles important to decide the duration of the curtain with a tape degree and switch this dimension onto the shower wall. Add one inch to account in the Shower’s course earrings. The shower curtain hangs down 1 inch from the middle of the rod because of the earrings. Add a 1/4 inch to the actual size so the curtain does no longer drag at the ground. Adhere to this technique and the shower curtain hangs.

Showers with sidewalls

Showers with sidewalls have a little lip fashioned by the advantage of the tub sidewall and the bathroom wall of yours. The shower rod does now not mount to the one's partitions in most instances. It mounts to the bathroom wall, about one inch above this sidewall. The mounting brackets screw into the vicinity in the bathroom wall’s drywall. In case you drill into the sidewalls, which are the product of fiberglass, you damage the watertight nature of the shower walls. In case your shower rod is, in reality, spring-loaded with clean plastic nubs on the prevent, mount it anywhere you like. It installs on bathtub sidewalls or lavatory walls.

Leveling shower rods

As quickly as you get the proper height, degree the Shower rod. Install the first actual bracket through the use of screwing it into location. Subsequent installation of the rod and located a level throughout the rod. Hold it whilst you degree the rod. As soon as the stage, come with an assistant mark in which the rod intersects the many different partitions. Installation your brackets the usage of those marks for a level rod. If you discover the rod sags or isn’t degree after mounting the brackets, take one bracket out, re-diploma the rod and install the bracket yet again.

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